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The shabby chic style offers an exciting and creative look to experiment with in every area of your home. Whether you’re looking to add an edgy twist to your living room or want to breathe new life into vintage inspired items in your kitchen, your shabby chic interior design project is certain to be an exciting one. One area of the home where the shabby chic trend is embraced more than ever is the bedroom. A retreat after a long day, the bedroom has to deliver on all fronts, not just as somewhere you sleep. The shabby chic movement gives you the interior design direction you need to create a stylish space that’s comfortable, classic and utterly unforgettable. While the colour palette and soft furnishings used within your bedroom will play vital roles, larger furniture items must be in keeping with the trend to do the wider look justice. Our range of shabby chic drawers not only offer the storage you require, but the stunning look shabby chic fans crave. Find the shabby chic chest of drawers to complete your look right here at Vinterior.

Choosing a shabby chic chest of drawers

Whether you’d like your shabby chic chest of drawers to be curvy and ornate or chunky and classic, it’s the distressed look that has to be on-point. We stock a selection of shabby chic items, all of which sport the compelling aged effect that the trend is known for. While some items develop their rustic and rather romantic finish over time, growing into their shabby chic state; other items are designed this way, using hand painting to create an eye-catching look.

Most of the shabby chic drawers you’ll find here at Vinterior use subtle colour schemes and let the details do the talking. Many more utilise the natural grain and texture of the wood to tell an entirely different story. Increasingly, bolder palettes are being used in new items – which we also feature at Vinterior – as the basis of these drawers. Solid blacks, peacock greens and deep reds are just some of the shades that add extra edge and interest to the already stunning shabby chic style. Regardless of whether you choose to go classic or edgy, the timeless shabby chic look is one trend that never gets old.

Why buy shabby chic?

There are numerous advantages to buying vintage shabby chic furniture. As well as giving a new home to old, vintage finds, as the new owner of a vintage or antique piece you’ll be embracing a truly epic backstory. The tale that each and every one of our vintage furniture items tells only adds to its uniqueness and charm.

It’s not just vintage and antique items that have a place here at Vinterior. Our network of independent furniture dealers and boutiques sell reclaimed and upcycled items. These pieces in particular have the potential to add a creative and artistic twist to any home. The upcycling process breathes new life into older furniture that may have otherwise perished without a bit of tender loving care. Innovative, interesting and inspired, our reclaimed and upcycled shabby chic drawers are high quality, distinctive and full of personality.

Combine two powerful trends by buying a new Elbrus Vintage Industrial Chest of Drawers. This shabby chic piece uses iron and mango wood to deliver a distressed and stylish vintage look.Vintage, antique, reclaimed or upcycled, our shabby chic furniture is just waiting to be explored. Shop for your perfect shabby chic chest of drawers now.