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Both practical and homely, the addition of a shabby chic chair to your home will be a truly characterful and charming one. Always relevant and easily incorporated into any space in the home, they can provide a level of comfort and efficiency that very few other items of furniture can match or beat. At Vinterior we have a large selection of gorgeous pieces for you to browse through. We have a broad range of stylistic and practical choices to suit each and every need; no matter whether it’s the contemporary or the more antique and ornate you desire you’re sure to find your perfect piece on our store. Visit our store today to find the latest addition to your home.

Why choose a shabby chic chair?

With hundreds of choices to choose from, sometimes picking the perfect chair can feel like a daunting task. But when adding shabby chic to your home you will find it becomes and pleasing and genuinely enjoyable experience. The style is tried, tested and almost universally loved; slotting into both modern and rustic homes effortlessly.

The aesthetic of shabby chic only serves to help our pieces shine; the character and craft of each piece means they will contrast and create a more eclectic feel in the most modern of spaces. A shabby chic pine chair will be a trusted yet classic addition to where you choose to place it in your home. In the entrance of the home it can bring a surprising amount of warmth and make people feel welcome instantly; placed near any table in your hallway provides a relaxing meeting spot for any visitors to your home.

Your shabby chic chair will also be a welcome addition to any modern space such as an industrial kitchen or dining area. Bouncing off any sleek and sharp edges, the worn, unrefined allure of a shabby chic chair will instantly shine. A fabric-backed shabby chic chair will inspire and illuminate your space; the softness of the fabric allowing you to incorporate more and more textures into a space that in the modern world can sometimes feel too clinical.

Shabby chic chairs: why shop with Vinterior?

In a time where more and more modern pieces of furniture can feel flat and lacklustre, the addition of shabby chic to your home will bring the opposite effect. Here at Vinterior we are sure to have your perfect piece no matter what your preference. All of the items you’ll browse through are the result of dedication and true craftmanship; restored and designed with loving detail that very few other styles of furniture match. From the contemporary to the retro to the rustic, visit our online store today and add the perfect shabby chic chair to your home.

We sell new, too

While we love the heritage and charm of vintage pieces, the shabby chic style is one where there are many wonderful artisan furniture makers creating furniture right now. It would be wrong of us to overlook the benefits of lovingly crafted contemporary design and so you will find a growing range of recently made shabby chic items in our listings.

If functionality and beauty are traits you desire from your chair then look no further than a shabby chic chair from here at Vinterior. Browse our online marketplace now.