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The bedroom for many can be the ultimate zone of comfort in the home – a place of total luxury and relaxation to unwind in at the end of a day. From the timelessly ornate to the homelier and more rustic pieces, there truly is a shabby chic style bed for any room. It may seem counter-intuitive to purchase an item of furniture that shows visible signs of wear and tear, but you need only look at your favourite interiors magazine to see that the effects you can achieve with shabby chic furniture are truly stunning. Not only is this look easy on the eye and tactile, it also makes a space feel much warmer and homely. Here at Vinterior we have hundreds of these beautiful items in our shabby chic bedroom furniture collection for you to browse through, from unusual antique Victorian frames to timelessly loved pieces by celebrated designers. Enjoy exploring our collection today.

Why choose shabby chic beds and frames?

Shabby chic can mean many different things, ranging from homely to opulent. Items like antique French Louis XV style beds are typical of the style, providing a look of sophistication and grandeur. Key features such as gorgeous dark hardwood frames shine in both dark and light areas and complement any light and soft materials lying around. Glossy shine and craftsmanship also bring that all-important air of chic to any room, with the craftmanship being a truly defining feature of the style. Ornate features are often paired alongside modern elements to bring comfort as well as style.

If elegance and a more classic look is one you have your heart set on, you will not struggle to find an array of choices when you delve into the world of shabby chic. Highly ornate oak beds define the more decadent elements of the range. Pieces like these bring a touch of class that never feels undervalued, using features like carved columns, flowing linens and drapes.

Mid Century Style Shabby Chic Beds

Mid-century Danish-style beds represent the other end of the shabby chic spectrum: an attractive and accessible design. These pieces bring both the comfort you desire and also the storage your space requires, with minimal effort; tall enough to allow storage underneath and with built in side tables for you to fully utilise the space around your bed.

The practicality of a well-chosen shabby chic bed cannot be underestimated in a world that constantly demands more and more storage space at home. Why shop at Vinterior for Shabby Chic Beds and Bed Frames?Adding the perfect bed to your bedroom can feel like a huge and potentially daunting task, but browsing through our shabby chic beds and frames you will see it become an exciting process. Bringing together more than a thousand sellers from across the UK, our online marketplace is the one-stop-shop for all antique, vintage, retro and artisan pieces. And our shabby chic collection represents what we’re all about here at Vinterior: premium furniture with character, charm and backstory. We even offer more contemporary pieces with all the quality you would expect from the finest antiques.

Arguably the most important addition to any home, your perfectly chosen bed can add a touch of elegance, comfort and magnificence no other piece of furniture can. Shop through our shabby chic bed collection here on Vinterior today to find your perfect bed.

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