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When it comes to inspired interior design, some trends simply never go out of fashion. Shabby chic is one such trend, and its timeless look and relaxed feel makes it popular in homes around the world. Described by many interior design experts and enthusiasts, as country style with a vintage twist, this iconic look still remains popular more than two decades after the term was initially coined. A simple way to add a unique touch to properties old and new, this artistic style offers interior inspiration without limits for homeowners who admire all eras and have varying budgets. Find all the shabby chic inspiration you need right here at Vinterior.

When to choose shabby chic

Defining any interior design trend isn’t easy. As times change and tastes adapt, staying true to the real spirit of an iconic interior look is difficult. Shabby chic can be classified in many different ways, but furnishings of this interior design style generally have the appearance of age or show signs of wear and tear. Shabby chic furniture isn’t always antique however. In many instances, modern pieces are given the shabby chic appearance thanks to a distressed finish. Whether the shabby chic furnishings that catch your eye are naturally time-worn or distressed through more creative means, adding a shabby chic piece to your interior to define or complement a look is a great way to give schemes a truly vintage feel.

Once the look of choice for bohemians and artisans, shabby chic furniture now features in several collections. Browse our online marketplace to find a vast range of upcycled, antique and vintage shabby chic furnishings from numerous designers and furniture sellers.

Shabby Chic Style

With the shabby chic style, the devil is in the detail. Many of the individuals adopting this design use minimal colour to enhance the level of detail in each shabby chic furniture piece or accessory. Mono colour schemes are particularly popular as a result, and really do make the most of the ornate and elegant craftsmanship that these artisan furniture pieces boast. While the use of minimal colour is widespread, embracing floral adorned accessories or boldly coloured shabby chic furniture items shouldn’t avoid. Shabby chic pays homage to classic interior design, but don’t be afraid to add some rustic appeal to the mix by clashing different textures and prints. The use of mismatched accessories also works well here, with many shabby chic decorating ideas providing the perfect place to house those vintage finds.

The shabby chic trend can be used to decorate every room in your home. Shabby chic aficionados can create a range of looks from this popular, timeless trend to create everything from light, bright interiors to edgy, industrial looks.

Buying from Vinterior

The benefits of buying upcycled or vintage shabby chic furniture are many. Here at Vinterior, we’re proud to represent a collection of furniture pieces and accessories with character. We work with more than 1,000 independent boutiques and dealers to make the shabby chic look more accessible to homes across the country. Each of the shabby chic furniture pieces you’ll find here has a backstory, and has been expertly crafted to stay true to this beautiful and nostalgic design trend.

You’ll find all the inspiration, ideas and shabby chic furniture pieces you need to fine tune that vintage look and feel within your home at Vinterior. Explore our online marketplace to find ideas that inspire and the furniture pieces that make them possible.

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