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There are some items of furniture that are essential in every home. The chest of drawers is the perfect example of this, available in all kinds of sizes, shapes and styles and performing an essential function. While you can purchase a brand new chest of drawers from any furniture store, there’s something extra-special about opting for a vintage or antique model. With a great variety of styles here at Vinterior, why not explore our collection of pre-loved, second hand chest of drawers now.

Second hand chest of drawers: adding character to the bedroom

The traditional place for a chest of drawers is in the bedroom, of course. But it is often a piece of cabinetry that is bought as an afterthought. While a lot of thought and money frequently goes into the bed, the wardrobe and even the dressing table, all too often people opt for a cheap and flimsy chest of drawers that will be cast aside after a couple of years of hard wear.

At Vinterior we believe that the chest of drawers can be a powerful tool in enhancing your interior design. Not only that but with a vintage or antique piece you can add to the narrative of your home, bringing fun, sophistication or elegance to a space. Explore our listings and you will find many examples of vintage second hand chests of drawers that can elevate the look of a bedroom. If you’re blessed with an abundance of space you can opt for a set which is large and impactful but there are also smaller designs for more compact rooms that need a more subtle approach.

A chest of drawers can also be space-saving as the surface can be utilised for other items such as a free-standing mirror. If you haven’t got room for a separate dressing table, a low chest of drawers can also be used as a substitute.

Choosing a second hand chest of drawers

Chest of drawers have become such an essential piece of furniture for the home, they can be found across almost every style of decor. From antique right through to modern, you’ll find a style to suit your home.

In the bedroom, a more ornate style often works well; French chest of drawers are highly decorative and complement bedroom furniture in a similar style. Whether you opt for gilded or ornately carved, this style adds a dash of instant sophistication.

In other areas of the home, you may opt for a more utilitarian style depending on your decor. In the dining room a second hand chest of drawers can step in for a dresser. Choose a low style with wide drawers and it’s the perfect place to store linen, cutlery and table decorations. A distressed white pine chest of drawers is particularly eye-catching in a shabby chic or rustic setting.

A chest of drawers is such a versatile item it can even be used in the living room or family playroom. Rather than stashing clothes as is the traditional use, the drawers could be filled with jigsaw puzzles and games, as well as art and craft supplies. Many of the vintage pieces we showcase at Vinterior have been repainted in bright and bold colours, which make them perfect for a fun kid-friendly environment.

Discover your second hand chest of drawers with Vinterior

At Vinterior we’re passionate about pre-loved furniture and we’ve got lots of items for every room in your house. Check out our online catalogue and discover beautiful second hand chest of drawers and many other items too. If you’re not sure what type of chest of drawers you want, our marketplace is a great place for inspiration.