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Is there any item of furniture more inherently luxurious than the chandelier? We don’t think so. But don’t be fooled into thinking you need an extravagant manor house to pull one off. The chandelier is as diverse as it is decadent, meaning even the most homely or modern interior setting can benefit from this classic piece of lighting. And there is no brand that reflects the versatility of the chandelier more than Sciolari. The brand’s unique designs are truly one of a kind, and never fail to light up an interior setting in more ways than one. Explore a stunning collection of original Sciolari chandeliers right here at Vinterior.

Why choose Sciolari chandeliers?

There are endless reasons to introduce a chandelier into your home. For one thing, no other lighting fixture can compete with the beauty of a chandelier, which acts as a piece of art to attract attention, add elegance and stand out as a true statement piece. A chandelier can provide any space with a warm, welcoming atmosphere with its soft glow, avoiding the unpleasantness of harsh lights. Practically speaking, a chandelier can bring light to your home while saving space, without disrupting the flow of a room.

Sciolari lighting has been creating stunning chandeliers since back in 1892, honing a signature look that is still recognised and widely desired today. Angelo Gaetano Sciolari’s first designs were Atom-inspired pendants in the 1950s. In the 1960s, he created conventional chandelier forms like the Neoclassical Sciolari from the Ovali collection, with a contemporary flair. These iconic designs featured elements like clean lines, sculptural forms and materials such as ice glass and crystal. The result was a collection of refined, edgy and futuristic pieces that sparkled with sultry coolness.

Sciolari chandeliers possess a timeless playful quality, combining materials like brass and chrome to bring out the best of traditional and modern design elements.

Introducing a Sciolari chandelier into your home

The quintessential mid-century chandelier design from Sciolari features two levels of multiple bulbs to create a futuristic, almost spaceship effect which exudes a unique kind of elegance. Whichever room you choose to place your chandelier in, it is sure to make a statement. As such, the natural home for a Sciolari chandelier is in the dining room, where luxury is expected. Your chandelier can act as the centrepiece of the space, standing out in an otherwise neutral and classically designed dining area.

Alternatively, you can make an immediate statement by introducing a Sciolari chandelier in your entrance hall. This will allow your home to make a stylish and striking first impression with visitors. Designs that bring together chrome and brass have a distinctive modern feel to them, making them perfect for an open plan kitchen, while crystal pieces feel more delicate. These designs give off a warm, inviting light which makes them perfect for the living room or master bedroom.

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