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Luxury lighting is a vital asset in any home looking to achieve a warm and welcoming ambience. Changing the way your home is lit can completely transform the look and feel of the space overall, making it feel more energizing, more relaxing or simply more elegant. There is no piece of lighting more luxurious than the chandelier. Even the most modern or homely interior setting can benefit from this classic piece of elegant lighting, especially because chandeliers and pendant lights are so diverse as well as decadent, as shown by celebrated creations of Gaetano Sciolari. Discover a stunning collection of original Sciolari lights right here at Vinterior, including chandeliers, pendant lights wall scones and table lamps.

Antonio Gaetano Sciolari – the legend behind the light

Sciolari Lighting has been creating lights since 1892, but it was the brand’s most famous son Gaetano Sciolari who took it to iconic status in the 1950s. Despite having trained as a film director, the premature death of Scolari’s father led him to take over the family’s lighting business – a role he undertook with great passion and vision.

By 1954, the business had expanded exponentially, having won an international lighting and design competition and becoming the first Italian light manufacturers to distribute to the US. From a small family business, Sciolari Lighting had become the biggest importer in the entire lighting market, and it’s all thanks to the beautiful chandelier and pendant designs from Gaetano.

Sciolari chandeliers

Chandeliers are arguably what Sciolari brand is best known for. By the 1960s, Gaetano Sciolari was putting a new spin on the classic chandelier design, using clean lines, dynamic sculptural forms and materials such as crystal and ice glass to create pieces such as the Neoclassical Sciolari from the Ovali collection.

Sciolari chandeliers possess a sultry coolness, having been designed to look edgy and futuristic while also refined. There is a playful element to his creations, giving them a timeless quality. This is achieved through the use of sating finishes against highly polished metal for a unique optical effect. Gaetano also wasn’t afraid of unusual material combinations, such as mixing brass with chrome to bring out the best of both materials.

Sciolari’s chandeliers have gone on to become cultural icons of the furniture industry, featuring in the 1970s British sci-fi series Space: 1999 and the iconic 80s series Dallas.

Sciolari pendant lights

Some of Sciolari’s earliest lighting designs were his pendant lights. These took on a kind of Atom-inspired form, which became synonymous with his futuristic style. Sciolari pendant lights use cubic elements and metallic materials to offer a look that’s both luxurious and industrial. The sleek finish on Sciolari’s designs means that they are perfectly suited to an elegant dining room or an entrance hall.

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