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Chaim Schreiber founded his namesake furniture company in 1957. Schreiber enjoyed much success during their early years and competed with the biggest furniture designers on the market during the 60s and 70s. Although Schreiber no longer exists today as the company it once was, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on some of their unique and wonderful furniture. Here at Vinterior our network of trusted sellers regularly list authentic Schreiber furniture, including Schreiber wardrobes. One of these wardrobes is capable of instantly enhancing any bedroom due to its beauty and convenience rolled into a mid-century modern style. To see for yourself, start browsing our Schreiber furniture listings, today! We’re sure you’ll be impressed.

The features of Schreiber wardrobes

Schreiber wardrobes are very clear examples of the mid-century modern aesthetic. They are made of wood – often teak or pine – and don’t include any ornate features or overly intricate details. They have clean edges and straight lines that keep the wardrobes looking fresh and somewhat sleek. Some of their wardrobes are left to reveal the natural grain and beauty of the wood, while others have been refreshed and upcycled. This may involve a seller painting the wardrobe in a light, bright white or perhaps a bold black. In many cases, Schreiber wardrobes from the 50s and 60s feature the brand’s distinctive rounded and recessed handles and slender legs.

As these are items of age then you may find that they feature evidence of general use. This will only add to their character as it reveals their history and lets admirers know they’re confronted with a genuine vintage item from the middle of the 20th century.

Why you should consider a Schreiber wardrobe

A Schreiber wardrobe is made from strong and durable materials. These will allow your wardrobe to last longer than some of the flimsier modern designs that need replacing after just a few years. These Schreiber wardrobes have already proved their durability by remaining in good condition today despite being made decades ago.

A Schreiber wardrobe is remarkably flexible and versatile, being able to work just as easily in a mid-century minimalist bedroom as a shabby chic or even industrial setting. While these pieces are elegant and undoubtedly stylish, they are not as bold as a piece of Art Deco or Victorian furniture would be, and so it can fit seamlessly in with your bedroom décor – whatever it may be.

Due to previous ownership and use, choosing a Schreiber wardrobe can be seen as a more sustainable way to furnish your home and, ultimately, help to reduce the carbon footprint of your property. By re-homing a vintage piece you are not only preventing an item from potentially ending up in landfill but you are also helping to reduce the modern-day reliance on manufacturing, which uses up precious natural resources.

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You can also use our marketplace listings to gather inspiration for other pieces of furniture. Whether you are interested in a Schreiber chest of drawers or perhaps don’t want to go for a mid-century look at all, we have furniture from across the centuries ready for you to view.