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The Schreiber sideboard continues to be a highly sought-after piece of furniture for both collectors, and for those who simply want to add a touch of mid-century elegance to their living space. Gaby Schreiber was an influential industrial designer who also created furniture and other decorative pieces for interior design purposes. She also created homeware for a number of renowned European brands, including Marks & Spencers. Her work continues to inspire and intrigue interior designers to this day: its crisp lines and clean shapes, as well her ability to base each design on function above all else, mean that her pieces work as well within a contemporary interior theme as in a traditional one. Discover the inimitable elegance of Schreiber sideboards and more by having a browse through our online marketplace.

Features of vintage Schreiber sideboards

Schreiber furniture is typical of the best of mid-century minimalist style. In the years after World War II, the European design scene experienced something of a renaissance. With the steady increase in the availability of quality materials again, a new dawn for furniture designers had begun, and by the end of the 1940s, the style now referred to as mid-century modern was born.

Mid-century modern furniture is characterised by its clean, sweeping lines and slick blend of organic with geometric shapes. Schreiber sideboards are typical pieces from the period. With their trademark two-tone look of polished veneer, or hardwood like walnut or teak, with painted wood surfaces to contrast the warm brown of the wood. Schreiber sideboards usually have the tapered legs and wooden detail that many will recognise from this period, and are lightweight and spatially efficient: perfect additions to both a fresh and modern apartment and a more traditional house.

The sideboard itself is a very versatile piece of furniture, that has evolved through the times since its inception as place to keep food between the kitchen and the dining room in Victorian households. Sideboards have a long display surface, and several drawers and/or cupboards underneath. These compartments would have traditionally been used for storing cutlery and other dinnertime necessities but have been tweaked through the years to accommodate the changes to people’s lifestyles.

A mid-century Schreiber sideboard can be used as a conveniently compact storage solution for a hallway, a statement TV unit with compartments for TV equipment, cables and DVDs, or as a retro alternative to a kitchen dresser. If you love the idea of keeping the sideboards original purpose, place in your dining area and use it to display snacks and store tableware for a dinner party. With a piece as characterful as this, you’ll want it to be the centre of attention.

Schreiber sideboards: the joy of mid-century vintage shopping

Shopping for mid-century furniture is like stepping into a time machine. Discover nostalgic gems that remind you of bygone times, and pick up a treasure that will become the pride and joy of your interior space.

Vintage furniture items each have their own story and personality, unlike the often bland and featureless pieces of contemporary furniture design. Stand out from the crowd, and fill your home with pieces that express your unique style and personality.

Browse the collection of Schreiber furniture for sideboards and more today. Get inspired by our eclectic marketplace, and you could end up with a treasure in your home that you will be proud to show off to your guests.