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A Schreiber chest of drawers is a timeless classic in the world of interior designs. A mid-20th century company, Schreiber dominated the bedroom furniture market in the 1950s and 1960s with well-structured pieces that look every bit as good now as they did then, both from an engineering perspective and also from a design perspective. One of the first companies to open direct-selling stores in the UK, it also purchased Thomas & Greaves to gain access to the more exclusive upper end of the furniture market. If you admire the look of Schreiber chest of drawers, don’t hesitate to explore the collection here at Vinterior today.

Getting to know the Schreiber Chest of drawers

Schreiber began its success story in 1957 and it took no time at all for the brand to start competing with the established companies within the furniture industry. The company’s chests of drawers, aimed at the bedroom furniture market, were a superb example of the quality for which they became known.

From our listings, you can see that many Schreiber chests of drawers are made with teak, but some pieces may be made with dark-grain Formica to give a wooden effect. Their handles may be simple, recessed or even made with brass. You may even find a Schreiber chest of drawers that has a mirror fixed to the top surface. Due to their age, some of the chests of drawers you find will undoubtedly show signs of previous ownership and use, yet this can be desirable if you are looking to create a shabby chic vibe in your home.

Why choose a Schreiber chest of drawers?

There are lots of reason to consider a Schreiber chest of drawers. New chests of drawers can often be mass-produced and do not have the history or the features of these vintage originals. By opting for a vintage piece you can add character and charm to any room in your home.

Shopping for pre-used options is also a more environmentally conscious way to design your home interior. These products are already in circulation and therefore buying them represents a sustainable approach to décor and furnishings. You give them a new purpose instead of being sent to landfill.

Schreiber chests of drawers have been designed and built to stand the test of time. These drawers will continue to withstand extended use better than many of the flimsy products made and sold today. While Schreiber is no longer an independent company, buying a piece by this heritage brand promises you a little slice of history. You can own one of the items produced when the business was leading the design movement in the UK.

Another benefit of these chests of drawers is their uniqueness. As they were made in the mid-1950s, there aren’t as many in circulation today. This means they will not be found in many places, which can add individual value to your home’s interior.

Their mid-century modern aesthetics makes them easy to pair with your current interior. These items do not have any outlandish detail, ornate features or curves that will clash with modern styles. They can create the perfect subtle contrast between your other furnishings.

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Finding a quality chest of drawers can be time-consuming. Here at Vinterior we have taken the legwork out of hunting down quality vintage pieces through our marketplace. Simply type in the search bar for Schreiber chest of drawers and you’ll see what we have to offer.