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Selecting a wardrobe for your bedroom or even a guest bedroom is a significant decision. While your bed will be covered in a duvet and pillows, the style and attractiveness of your wardrobe must speak for itself in the bedroom. Get it wrong and you could end with big ugly panels of wood staring back at you each morning; get it right and you can elevate your bedroom environment to an entirely different level of elegance and luxury. While the grandeur and ostentation of an 18th or 19th century wardrobe may not be for everyone, there are some styles that make a more subtle but equally important statement – namely the vintage Scandinavian wardrobe. Browse our collection today and you will soon see what we mean.

Why choose a vintage Scandinavian wardrobe?

While you might be tempted to head to your nearest high street and simply buy a cheap flat-pack wardrobe it is worth bearing in mind that your wardrobe will have a significant impact on the aesthetic of your bedroom for years to come. Not only that but by choosing a flimsy flat-pack piece you could find yourself having to purchase a second wardrobe when it starts to fall apart.

Choose a classic vintage wardrobe, however, and you have a piece that has already stood the test of time and has plenty more years left in it. And there’s no better place to look for quality and durability than a hardwood Scandinavian wardrobe. Typically built in teak, oak or rosewood, vintage Scandinavian wardrobes celebrate the beauty of the natural wood itself. You will notice that of the many mid-century pieces we feature at Vinterior, fancy frills and ornate carvings are deemed unnecessary. Instead a simple yet sophisticated design ethos is employed to give your bedroom a gentler but equally powerful vibe.

Vintage Scandinavian wardrobes are meant for rooms that are not over-crowded; instead you should incorporate a Scandi piece in a room where each piece of furniture is given its own room to breathe. You don’t necessarily have to go entirely minimalist but certainly allow your wardrobe to stand proud in its own space. Take a look at stunning examples such as a Rio Palisander wardrobe from the 1960s, which perfectly showcases the elegant grain of the wood, and you will understand why no additional detailing is required.

Look out, too, for pieces by the likes of Gunther Hoffstead if you really want a piece with Scandinavian minimalist charm.

We sell new, too

Not just focusing on the antique and rustic; we also stock the contemporary and the new here at Vinterior to meet each and every need. You’ll see newer pieces inspired by mid-century Scandinavian classics. Following the traits of their popular ancestors, these pieces provide just as much beauty and practicality to your space whilst also putting further emphasis on the piece’s main attributes; sleekness and storage. A Walnut piece will add a sense of ambience and tranquility; the softness of the wood will inspire you to incorporate even more materials into your bedroom.

Why shop for vintage Scandinavian wardrobes with Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior we are proud to be the UK’s leading online marketplace for heritage and bespoke furniture. Partnering with thousands of independent boutiques and sellers gives us the ability to showcase the very best of Scandi design and provides you with the best choice of furniture.