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Ambience in the home is something we all strive to achieve. Setting the right light and mood not only brings warmth and charm to the room but also to anyone in that space. And a floor lamp can be an important weapon in your armoury if you are trying to create flexibility in a living space. Whether you want a floor lamp kept close to your armchair as a handy reading light or you want one in the corner of a bedroom to produce a soft, romantic illumination, there’s no more versatile solution. Shop the range here at Vinterior today and find that perfect new addition to your home.

Why choose a Scandinavian floor lamp?

The Scandinavian style has been illuminating homes for decades now. The sleek and slender finishes of Scandinavian floor lamps mean they won’t feel out of place in the most contemporary of places; the soft rustic materials ensuring it can also cater to even the most traditional of rooms.

Consider adding a mid-century free form Scandinavian lamp to your dining or lounge area. A piece in this style will not only illuminate space with its excellent and soft light distribution but also through its design. The glossy finish of the wood is striking and sumptuous; the smooth neutral lampshade allows this piece to really come to life and easily integrate.

Not only do Scandinavian floor lamps provide character and warmth to your space, these pieces are also incredibly practical. Often adjustable in height and angle to meet multiple needs, they make great aids in any office space, bringing a touch of class and professionalism to your place of work. Easily placed next to any working space, a Scandinavian floor lamp will succeed in not only bringing the most pleasant of light but also aid in your productivity at home.

One of the obvious but most important benefits of a floor lamp is that it is freestanding and does not have to be perched on a table or fixed to a wall. Should you decide you don’t like where it is placed or want to move your spaces around, your lamp can easily be incorporated into this task with minimal effort.

A floor lamp can also become a true centrepiece in any room, creating a focal point in areas that can seem dim or even to accentuate any other pieces of furniture you own. And with an unrivalled selection in terms of style, colour, shape, height etc you truly will find your perfect piece here at Vinterior. Look to the works of Carl Fagerlund, Arne Jacobsen or Jo Hammerborg and you won’t be disappointed.

We sell new, too

We understand the need for the contemporary and the modern here at Vinterior; that’s why when browsing through our range you’ll also see a wide collection of the more modern and new pieces for you to choose from.

A Scandinavian cono floor lamp piece by world renowned Rejane Carvalho Leite would be a stunning and pragmatic addition to your home. The veener finish on the outside of the piece complements the industrial style perfectly. It truly is a stunning piece and one that proves that the timeless look of Scandinavian furniture can effortlessly mix into the modern world. Browse our listings today to find yours.

Why shop for Scandinavian floor lamps with Vinterior?

When you visit our online store here at Vinterior you will be met with a truly varied and stunning collection of pieces for you to choose from. Working with thousands of independent sellers and boutiques, the search for your perfect Scandinavian style floor lamp will be both enjoyable and memorable. If a piece with history, character and practicality behind it is what you desire then look no further than Vinterior today.