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While choosing larger items of furniture like tables, beds and sofas is, of course, important, it is often the soft furnishings that really sway the way a room looks and feels. Of course, this includes cushions. The right cushion design can make your home a more welcoming, relaxing and luxurious environment, all while possessing the functional ability to add comfort to your seating. Sometimes, to find the right design you need to look a little further afield, and with no piece of soft furnishing is this more true than the Scandinavian cushion. Discover the dynamic, durable designs of Scandinavian cushions for yourself by exploring the stunning collection right here at Vinterior.

Why choose Scandinavian cushions?

The Scandinavian design movement first emerged in the early 20th century, but didn’t truly flourish until the mid-century, particularly the 1950s. Its influence reached across the Nordic countries, from Denmark and Sweden to Norway, Iceland and Finland, before stretching its influence to the rest of the world and ultimately becoming a huge inspiration behind the entire mid-century modern school of furniture design. Pieces from this era are characterised by their simple, minimalist and functional design, choosing to celebrate immaculate quality rather than ornamental decoration.

Sleek lines, clean finishes and organic curves are the hallmarks of mid-century Scandinavian designs, and these modernist elements feed into the movement’s soft furnishings too, including Scandinavian cushions. Daring colour choices like scarlet, charcoal black and mustard are often contrasted with clean-cut geometric designs to create designs that are unmistakably Nordic in cushions from celebrated designers like Hans Wegner.

Introducing Scandinavian cushions into your home

With a wide variety of eye-catching designs to choose from, Scandinavian cushions can be used to spice up almost any interior setting. The geometric patterns are unapologetically modern, while the bright colours work well for giving a lift to an otherwise neutral space. Colourful cushions are a savvy design element in any home, as they are a less permanent fixture and can easily be moved around or swapped out with changing trends and tastes. They offer a way to add colour and personality to a space without having to invest time and cost in bringing larger furniture or a fresh coat of paint to a room. Try adding a couple of colourful cushions to your living room sofa or the head of your bed to inject the room with dynamic Scandinavian flair.

Find Scandinavian cushions and so much more right here at Vinterior

Seeking out authentic Scandinavian furniture was once a difficult undertaking, requiring regular visits to your local market or second-hand furniture shop in the hope of uncovering a hidden gem. Thanks to Vinterior, that’s all changed. We are the leading online marketplace for heritage and characterful furniture, with thousands and thousands of charming items from across time and place for you to explore from the comfort of your own home. As well as stunning Scandinavian furniture and soft furnishings, our collection includes many vintage, antique, mid-century, retro, upcycled, repurposed, bespoke and contemporary pieces, each with their own story to tell. The items in our collection come courtesy of our network of trusted and reputable sellers from around the UK.

If you’re looking to fill your home with chic Scandinavian cushions and other furniture, you’re in the right place. Browse the Vinterior collection today and find your inspiration.