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A coffee table provides a chic centrepiece for any sitting room, and a Scandinavian coffee table showcases all the finest elements of highly desirable mid-century design. Whether you have a 1950s or 60s themed lounge, a minimalist modern seating area accentuated by flashes of exposed wood, or you’re simply in the market for a highly functional, beautiful piece of furniture with sleek lines and a bit of history, a Scandinavian coffee table perfectly fits the bill. Explore our stunning range of coffee tables – predominantly from the 20th century – now.

Choosing Scandinavian coffee tables

Scandinavian coffee tables have the unique ability to blend seamlessly in to virtually any interior space. Whether you need a petite, oval shaped table just big enough for a couple of cups of tea or a majestic, long accent piece that fits art books at either end, your needs will be met by our impressive collection.

Among the many beautiful and convenient tables in our collection are Danish mid-century teak surfboard tables and a significant collection of Ercol coffee tables – often in beech or elm – designed by the likes of Fredericia Borge Mogensen. Yet, whether these pieces were created in the 1950s or 1970s, the quality of these vintage pieces is undeniable.

When it comes to kitting out a home for family living, Scandinavian furniture has long been a world leader. In-built storage, easy-clean surfaces, robust design and attractive aesthetics have meant that these are items that are globally renowned. For example, lots of Scandinavian coffee tables traditionally have a built-in magazine rack, which is both supremely useful and a really attractive addition. Likewise, Scandinavian coffee tables topped with tiles make for a great addition to homes with children as they easily wipe clean but still look fantastic. Glass topped tables make a real statement alongside their exposed wooden frames, whilst neat little table nests make clever, space saving coffee tables.

If you regularly entertain, opt for an extendable coffee table so that there’s room enough for everyone’s drinks – or if you have a lot of papers or toys scattered around, a table with concealed drawers provides much-needed additional storage to help you keep on top of things.

When it comes to decorating, make your coffee table pride of place by setting it on top of a brightly coloured rug or an eye-catching cowhide to instantly create a central point for your room. Dot chairs and sofas around the table and decorate it with coasters, glossy magazines, a family photograph or a vase of freshly cut flowers to add yet more interest and to create a welcoming, relaxed environment.

Feeling inspired? Search our enormous range and find your dream Scandinavian coffee table on Vinterior now.

We sell new, too

As well as our stunning collection of vintage Scandinavian coffee tables, we also stock gorgeous examples of new furniture from Northern Europe. The new and emerging manufacturing talents we showcase here at Vinterior are selected for their excellent design credentials and quality craftsmanship. So, if you opt for a more contemporary piece, you can rest assured that your coffee table of choice will become a vintage item of the future.

Why choose Scandinavian coffee tables at Vinterior?

At Vinterior, we stock a wide range of vintage furniture from over one thousand sellers, meaning our selection is largely unparalleled. Whether you’re looking for gently lacquered rosewood or widely sought after teak, a boomerang shape or a tile-topped model, we have something to suit every taste, size of room and budget. The Scandinavian coffee table is a classic example of eminently useful design that remains beautiful and highly coveted and lasts forever – so start your search for a future heirloom at Vinterior today.

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