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The enduring appeal of vintage Scandinavian design is undeniable. With its trademark sleek lines and use of high quality, natural materials, it’s the perfect complement to almost any beautifully decorated room. A Scandinavian chair can effortlessly elevate a space to new levels of chic with its instantly recognisable with its functional, ergonomic design. There’s a reason Scandinavian chairs are so highly prized - they perfectly combine beauty and utility so that they last forever and remain desirable. Whether you have your eye on a mid-century classic or something more contemporary, explore our collection of Scandinavian chairs here at Vinterior today.

Introducing mid-century style Scandinavian chairs

Although they are often appreciated for their style and attention to aesthetic detail, we should not forget the comfort afforded by a mid-century Scandinavian chair. The reason they are such iconic items is because not only are they beautiful, they are eminently usable in virtually any space. Furthermore, the build quality of mid-century Scandinavian chairs by the likes of Kai Kristiansen and Bruno Mathsson means they make great family furniture – the kind of chairs that can be climbed all over by the kids in the day time, and relaxed on by Mum and Dad in the evening.

Whether they are finished in soft, buttery leather or upholstered in jewel bright wool or velvet, Scandinavian chairs can add a stunning pop of colour or a fabulous flash of textural interest to any room. Incorporate these chairs into your lounge or kitchen, bedroom or study, and wherever you decide to place them, they will become indispensable.

The traditional woods used to make Scandinavian chairs are really varied but all are highly prized – from richly tanned teak to glossy rosewood and pale, blonde oak, there’s an option that will suit any space and taste imaginable. Perhaps you need an occasional chair to sit elegantly in the corner of your sitting room, covered in a satin cushion or woollen throw; or maybe you’re in the market for a set of six original Danish dining chairs to complete your entertaining space. From dressing table stools to rocking chairs, we’ve got just the thing. So, if you are feeling inspired, start your search of Vinterior’s huge range of Scandinavian chairs now.

We sell new and refreshed, too

Not only do we have an enormous selection of vintage Scandinavian chairs, we also stock new items of Scandinavian design. Contemporary makers stocked at Vinterior are chosen for their excellent design skills and high quality craftsmanship, meaning that you can shop safe in the knowledge that you’re looking at the very best in current standards of furniture production.

What’s more, we also sell refreshed, refurbished and upcycled chairs, so if you’d like to make a statement, at Vinterior you can find vintage Scandinavian pieces that are reupholstered in up-to-the-minute fabrics or painted in a variety of colours, so you can tie them in to any theme you can think of.

Why choose Scandinavian chairs at Vinterior?

Whether you are looking for an armchair that will act as an accent piece at the centre of your sitting room or a set of four dining chairs to nestle around your breakfast table, we’ve got you covered at Vinterior. We stock an enormous range of furniture from over a thousand sellers, meaning that whatever it is you’re looking for, you are likely to find it here. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a Nordic theme from scratch or adding the finishing touches to a mid-century interior masterpiece, a Scandinavian chair balances design excellence and vintage appeal. In fact, a Scandinavian chair will bring interest and style to wherever you decide to put it.