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The bedside table is one of those underrated pieces of furniture that has a role to play in generating the perfect bedroom look, no matter how big or small your space. Offering essential storage for all your knick-knacks, these days bedside tables deliver more of a style statement than ever before to help you consolidate interior design schemes to the very last detail. If you are looking to breathe fresh life into your bedroom – be it a minimalist, shabby chic or industrial look you wish to achieve – why not consider an antique or vintage Scandi bedside table? Search our collection here at Vinterior today and get inspired.

Scandinavian bedside tables

Practical, easy on the eye and in keeping with the style of the bedroom. That is what most of us want from our bedside tables. Going into the most comfortable spot in the home, it’s important this piece only adds to your space without taking up any more room than it needs to. A Scandinavian bedside table would be the perfect addition to even the most modern and contemporary of homes. Timeless in design and functionality, you are sure to fall in love with our selection. Here at Vinterior we stock a truly impressive range of styles across thousands of dedicated and passionate sellers. So, no matter what design or function you desire from your bedside table, you are sure to find it with us. Exlore our online marketplace today to add the perfect piece to your home.

Why choose a Scandinavian bedside table?

Minimalism and functionality may not sound like the most exciting of design trends. And yet Scandinavian style has become one of the most desirable looks of modern times. Where period pieces from centuries gone by may attempt to be bold, brash and imposing, Scandinavian style takes a much quieter and subtly attractive approach.

If you want your bedroom to be a little more understated and calm, then you will no doubt begin with your bed, wardrobe and perhaps a chest of drawers. But spare a thought for your bedside tables. These framing devices are not just practical but also have an important role in complementing your overall aesthetic.

Despite the natural and almost rustic look on show these pieces couldn’t feel more modern. The sleek design and muted tones bring an unmatched minimalism by even the most modern of pieces. The light glossy finish of the wood will make any area feel instantly warmer and brighter, only complementing the cosy feel that every good bedroom should have.

As well as concentrating on the simplistic and contemporary designs that have made them universally loved, Scandinavian bedside tables also focus on the need for organisation. Tall enough for a lamp to sit on at just the right height many Scandi bedside tables also feature shelves and drawers to help you keep your bedroom clutter free.

As you might expect, teak is a popular material amongst Scandinavian designers and there are a host of mid-century designs in this wood, by the likes of Aksel Kjersgaard, Johannes Andersen and Arne Vodder.

We sell new, too

If a newer and more modern piece is what you have your heart set on there is no need to compromise; here at Vinterior we feature a huge selection of new pieces alongside the ornate and classical. You’ll see pieces such as mid century inspired bedside tables; upcycled classics and bespoke bedside tables made by modern master craftspeople Fitting into the modern space with ease, the sleek and glossy finish of a Scandinavian piece will not only accentuate the warmth in your home but also complement the other pieces in your home.

Why shop for Scandinavian bedside tables with Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior we celebrate uniqueness and quality. We have partnered with thousands of independent dealers and boutiques of all sizes to ensure a variety that mean everyone is sure to leave with something they love. With a strong passion towards the vintage and the contemporary this means you will never have to compromise. You will also see character and class in every one of the products listed on our website. Unlike any modern flat pack furniture each and every one of our items has a story to tell.

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