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For many, the bedroom is the most comfortable space within the home. Both a place to relax and unwind, it is incredibly important to match this space with furniture that only complements these traits. While many modern rooms use the look of sleekness and simplification, adding a Scandinavian style bed will ensure a finish that is as unique as it is homely. We have a huge and beautifully varied collection here at Vinterior to meet any preference. Explore our online store today to find your perfect piece.

Why choose a Scandinavian bed and frame?

One of Scandinavian furniture’s best assets is its ability to slot into the modern home with ease – a teak piece being a perfect example of this. The warmth of this attractive hardwood will radiate but never fall flat; even with the most modern of items alongside it your Scandinavian piece will bring a refreshing and current feel.

Examples of this can be seen in the mid-century designs of Hans Wegner and Omann Jun, both of whom used slender teak bed frames on elegant, tapered legs in many of their designs.

The minimalist design and muted of tones can also bring a sense of space to your room. Adopting this style will not also put an emphasis on making any modest space feel more expansive but bring an unmatched premium on quality; Scandinavian pieces are renowned for their craft and simplicity in even the most contemporary of bedroom spaces. Not just relying on simplicity and charm, these pieces are also incredibly focused on the need for organisation. And in the modern world the bedroom at times can feel like the space lacking in this area the most.

Scandinavian beds are still popular to this day in part because they accommodate modern storage needs so well. Spacious enough underneath to provide ample storage, but designed elegantly enough to be sleek and take up minimal space. You’ll see pieces from the 60s; full of character and history, but look as though they have been designed with the modern home in mind.

Why shop Scandinavian beds and frames with Vinterior?

All of the products you’ll find here on Vinterior are the result of great craftmanship and dedication. From the reclaimed and upcycled to the classic and ornate, we are sure to have your perfect piece. Each one of our vintage Scandinavian beds tells a story: when you add Scandinavian style to your home you are not only adding a touch of history but a piece with true character. Many modern flat pack items can feel dull and lacklustre in the modern home. This is something you will never experience with one of our artisan pieces; you’ll have a uniqueness and extra element in your home that can’t be replicated by a poor imitation.

We sell new, too

Not just focusing on the ornate and more classical pieces here at Vinterior we also supply a beautiful range of new and upcycled items for you to choose from. You’ll see newer pieces inspired in the style of Hans Wegner and his contemporaries. And you will also see many heritage pieces that have been given a new lease of life – which could mean anything from a lick of paint to the replacement of a headboard. No matter what your stylistic preference, visit our online store today to find your perfect piece.

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