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Scandinavian furniture has experienced a real renaissance over the past few years, and now virtually every high street manufacturer is attempting to recreate the clean lines of mid-century Danish and Swedish style. When you buy vintage Scandinavian bedroom furniture at Vinterior, you’re able to position your home at the centre of a trend that just keeps growing. The perfect addition to any bedroom, Scandinavian furniture brings with it the essence of serenity, comfort and calm – or as they say in Denmark, ‘hygge’. That is all you need for a great night’s sleep.

Why choose Scandinavian bedroom furniture at Vinterior?

When you begin looking for an item of Scandinavian bedroom furniture, finding what you want can feel like a challenge. Due to the desirability of vintage Scandinavian pieces, options can seem limited. But don’t worry, here at Vinterior we have a network of more than a thousand trusted sellers, so you will find the largest and best range anywhere in the UK. If you are going to find what you are looking for anywhere, it will be here on our online marketplace. Whether you are after a double bed in glossy, highly sought after teak by Omann Jun, a set of twins for your children's room or a pared back wardrobe to add an injection of storage space in style, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Some of the most appealing design features of mid-century Scandi furniture come alive when combined in the bedroom. This includes the gently splayed legs and natural wood, varnished to best display the intricate shapes within the grain. A teak dressing table positioned in a bay window with a matching stool beneath it creates an inviting and interesting corner, while a fabric daybed is the perfect spot for a mid-afternoon nap or to host guests overnight.

The solid wood used within many pieces of Scandinavian furniture ensures that they are extremely hardwearing and even get more beautiful as they age. Time can cause wooden furniture to pick up a lustrous patina through years of careful use. The history imbued into these items means that they are wonderful talking points.

How to incorporate Scandinavian bedroom furniture

One of the fabulous things about vintage Scandinavian furniture is that it is so flexible and easy to blend with a number of different styles. While the polished teak of the mid-century is great for rooms that need rich colourings and a statement piece, the more worn and textured look of the later 20th century can be fantastic in a number of more contemporary settings. If you love the white-washed walls and distressed floorboard look of the Scandinavian home, look out for Danish and Swedish furniture that has that less refined and more tactile edge. Whether it is a weathered oak bedside table or a rosewood chest of drawers, this approach works beautifully if you are a lover of shabby chic or the industrial look.

We sell new, too

While we have a particular soft spot for antique and vintage furniture here at Vinterior, there are many modern-day Scandinavian designers producing stunning, high quality pieces of bedroom furniture. A far cry from the mass-produced faux Scandinavian furniture that can be found on the high street currently, these brands and furniture makers exhibit the qualities that we value most – creating pieces with character and flair. Choose from bespoke cots that you can have made to order for your little one, or hand crafted bedside tables, lovingly created by designers with a true investment in creating furniture that will become much-loved additions to your family home.

If you’re looking for unparalleled excellence in vintage or vintage-inspired bedroom furniture design, start your search for Scandinavian pieces on Vinterior today. With a range to suit every taste, space and budget, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for here.

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