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Wall art has a place in every home. After all, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And in the case of wall art you can express a lot about your own personality from the kind of art you choose to position in various rooms in your house. Thinking carefully about how you wish to make a statement in the hallway is one consideration; then, of course, you have wall art to make an impression in a living room, create an ambience in the dining room and even make a statement in the bedroom. If you are looking to incorporate a touch of art into your home, look no further than the beautiful examples of Scandi wall art on show here at Vinterior. Browse our collection today.

Why choose Scandi wall art?

You probably know a little bit (or perhaps a lot) about the appeal of Scandi design in the home. From chairs to tables to sofas and even lighting, the Scandi trend is well documented. But what about Scandi wall art?

Given that Scandi design often includes stark white or grey walls to ensure the furniture items and accessories that adorn the space have an impartial backdrop, anything you do add to your walls needs to really set the right tone. Using Scandi wall art within your Nordic space is a great way to achieve an authentic feel and finish. Great Scandi wall art has the ability to anchor a space whilst drawing attention to a certain area or highlighting a favourite piece of furniture. With a range of original pieces to choose from courtesy of our collection, you can discover some stunning pieces, curated by our network of sellers from around the UK.

Incorporating Scandi wall art into your home

Like most wall art, Nordic art comes in many styles and from many eras. It is however the graphic or botanical prints that make it big on the Scandinavian interior design scene. Adding subtle pops of colour or a bold pattern to white washed walls ensures your Scandi inspired space retains its style and simplicity whilst adding the interest that a good piece of art always conjures up.

As well as providing an array of designs and artists to choose from, our vintage Scandi wall art is available in a variety of forms. You can choose to incorporate Scandi wall art into your home courtesy of a framed print, canvas, plaque or tapestry, to name but a few art forms currently available via our collection.

Look out in particular for fabric wall hangings in various shades of blue and green. These soothing, natural colours matched with the textured fabric help to soften the otherwise bland walls of a true Scandinavian room. Or how about a framed anatomical chart to add a little intrigue to one wall? From fish to frogs, there’s always an interesting option to catch your eye.

Of course, if your idea of wall art is a little bit more traditional, you will also find a number of portraits and landscape pieces to suit your tastes.

Why shop for Scandi wall art with Vinterior?

Less is indeed more when decorating your Scandi interior. But investing in some Scandi wall art is a great way to bring this iconic look to life in your home. We supply a diverse range of antique, retro and vintage Scandi wall art so you can find the pieces that will make your Nordic space pop. Buy Scandinavian art online right here and surround yourself with the Nordic design you love.