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The presence and design of light is vital in any interior design scheme. The Scandinavian trend in particular puts the use of light centre stage to ensure the bright, simple and minimalist finish that the style is known and loved for. As one of the most popular designs on the planet right now, the Scandi style is a movement that’s being embraced in homes and commercial properties around the world. The trend is no new thing however, with Scandinavian design principles first established in the early 19th century and popularised during the mid-century (1930s to 1960s). The result of the design revolution that took place in centuries gone by is great news for the modern household, not least because it means that today you can enjoy a wealth stunningly crafted vintage and antique items with a rich history and a proven track record for quality. Our vintage scandi table lamps offer the understated elegance, practicality and texture you’d expect from a Nordic inspired lighting option. Check out our collection of Scandi table lamps for yourself to find a fresh, fuss-free and fabulous design that suits your interior space.

Why choose Scandi table lamps?

The modern Scandi style you see today was born during the mid-century, an era known for its lean, clean lines and use of natural materials. During this period all eyes were on the five Nordic countries, namely Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, as they led the way with furnishings and lighting options that put functionality and affordability ahead of luxury and pomp. Whilst the Scandinavian design values established back then provide the iconic, high end looks we love now, there was some very practical thinking behind the trend’s design aesthetics. With the short days and long winter nights of Northern Europe, the interiors where Scandinavian natives would spend the majority of their time had to be bright, light and useful, prioritising comfort and function above all else.

There are many ways in which the Scandinavian people and lovers of the Scandi style can embrace the light, bright principle that is integral to this look. The use of neutral colour palettes; furniture with clean lines and tall legs; natural woods; and light reflecting flooring are just some of the methods used to increase light across scandi schemes. The bright and spacious look can be increased further with clever lighting design. If you want to capture a bit of this lighting magic, a Scandi table lamp is a great way to go.

Scandi table lamps – what to look for

Alongside Scandinavian pendant lights, floor lamps and wall lights, our vintage Sandi table lamps provide beautiful lighting and contemporary designs. Whilst your wider design scheme relies on pure form and function to unlock the right vibe, your lighting provides that extra (but all important) bit of ambience. Many of our Scandi table lamps are beautiful in their simplicity. Among our listings you may find the 1960s Søholm hand thrown ceramic Scandi table lamps and the rare table lamps by Svend Aage Holm Sørensen for Asea for example.

In addition to the obvious use of wood and ceramics, you may also wish to look out for aluminium lamps painted white or grey. Or for a slightly more bold finish, a Knubbling table lamp by Anders Pehrson in chrome and acrylic can serve as a welcome departure from the more traditional lamps featured on our online marketplace.

Retro, rare or vintage however, our Scandi table lamps deliver the beautiful lighting you need to frame and finish your cosy, warm and welcoming home. Shop our vintage Scandi table lamps now.