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The sideboard is a useful addition to any part of the home. From the hallway and lounge to the dining room and study, the sideboard unlocks practical storage and display space. But it’s more than just its functionality that’s admired by interior design fans. Your furniture choices matter when creating an inspired, trend-worthy space. As a larger, more prominent furniture item, the sideboard has a look and presence that grabs attention. When creating a Scandi style interior in particular, every last detail counts. Our Scandi sideboards will help you encapsulate the stunningly simple yet stylish aesthetic that Scandinavian themes are known and loved for. Shop the collection here.

Why choose Scandi sideboards?

With their vintage look and back to basics feel, vintage Scandi sideboards are popular choices whether you are looking to channel the Nordic vibe or just add a touch of Scandinavian style to your home. When choosing any sideboard, style matters, a fact that makes our Scandi sideboards a popular choice with interior design enthusiasts.

The style of our Scandi sideboards wouldn’t be what it was without the use of hardwood. In our collection you’ll find a range of teak, rosewood and cherrywood designs, each of which uses the beauty of these stunning hardwood varieties to provide a powerful connection with the great outdoors. The straight grain of these wood types complements the clean lines and elegant profiles delivered by Scandinavian furniture items. The quality, craftsmanship and durability of vintage Scandi sideboards also makes them the first choice every time.

Incorporating Scandi sideboards into your home

Integrating Scandi sideboards into your interior design scheme is simple but there are a few things that you must consider to ensure you select the right product for your space. While our vintage Scandi sideboards have the Nordic look down to a tee and their use of solid wood ensures your furniture investment stands the test of time, other design elements must be carefully considered.

The practicality of the sideboard design is a factor to contemplate for example, especially if you intend to use your Scandi sideboard as a TV console. Our Scandi sideboards are available as lowboard and highboard designs to ensure all your storage needs are fully catered for. The placement of your sideboard also matters with the style, height and overall size of your Scandi sideboard all influencing its incorporation.

Look closely at the dimensions to ensure your vintage Scandi sideboard fits into your space comfortably and leaves enough room for other furniture pieces and accessories to fulfil their purposes.

Why shop for Scandi sideboards with Vinterior?

When shopping for your Scandi sideboard, purchasing your investment piece from a reputable independent boutique or furniture dealer is important. Luckily here at Vinterior, we’ve taken the hard work out of sourcing the best vintage and retro finds on the market by collaborating with more than 1,000 boutiques, dealers, sellers and designers on your behalf.

We feature an extensive range of Scandi sideboards, many of which have been developed by the most famed mid-century designers around. Among our listings you may find our HP Hansen teak sideboard. Hailing from the 1960s, this particular Scandi sideboard is a beautiful furniture addition that exudes the quality and craftsmanship that the Danish designer was known for.

Check out our collection of Scandi sideboards today and discover the items, ideas and inspiration you need to take your Nordic look to the next level.