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Just one of the many reasons why the Scandinavian design aesthetic is admired by so many right now is its use of light. With its light wood furniture creations, highly polished surfaces and minimalist feel, Scandi schemes are bringing brightness to the darkest of corners with fantastic results. It’s not just the neutral colour palettes and innovative lighting schemes used by Scandi style enthusiasts that help create the light, bright and airy interiors we adore so much. Scandi spaces utilise mirrors to ensure a powerful light boosting effect. We supply a vast range of Scandi mirrors to light the way for an inspired Nordic style in your home. Shop the look today at Vinterior.

Why choose Scandi mirrors?

Scandi mirrors have a very practical purpose to fulfil. The Nordic regions where the style originates from are shrouded in darkness for much of the year due to the long, harsh and daylight limiting winter months. This fact makes Scandinavians experts at creating light, airy and welcoming spaces using artificial light. By using mirrors, every bit of brightness can be reflected back into the space to make the most of the light available.

When it comes to your style choices, less may be more with Scandinavian design. But that doesn’t mean you should forfeit the subtle and simple accessories that make a big difference in these spaces. Despite their practicality and important role in Scandi schemes, our Scandi mirrors are far from boring style-wise. Many of our retro Scandi mirrors feature stunning natural details and materials to encompass the Scandinavian theme further.

Often, mirror design can be as simple as a thin teak frame around a rectangular mirror. But look closer and you will often appreciate the subtle details like curved edges or in some cases a carefully selected section of wood with treated to enhance the detailing of the grain itself. Look out for pieces by Aksel Kjersgaard and Josef Frank.

Of course, wood isn’t the only material used in Scandi mirrors. There are also a range of metal options and even concrete frames for those occasions when you are looking for a more industrial or monolithic finish.

Incorporating Scandi mirrors into your home

Scandi mirrors are essential additions to any Nordic style space. Whether you are looking to create the Hygge look or go back to basics with a more minimalist Scandinavian design, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere is a vital part of ensuring an entirely authentic and captivating look. With your Scandi look you want to avoid the cold, harsh lighting that some industrial schemes promote. You should, however, focus on providing a contrast between the simple, clean lines of your Scandi furniture and the cosy, comfortable look that comes as standard across all Nordic inspired interior designs.

The placement of your Scandi mirrors also matters. When correctly positioned your retro Scandi mirrors can create more than light, enhancing texture, space and character all at the same time. Placing your Scandi mirror adjacent to a window will optimise natural light, bouncing it throughout the room. Your retro Scandi mirror can also be used to highlight other statement furnishings within the room, adding further texture and interest to draw the eye to certain pieces. Want to add more texture to your Scandinavian interior? The majority of the Scandi mirrors we supply are statement pieces in their own right, sporting interesting shapes, designs and details to capture attention. Among our listings you may find the Scandi inspired sunburst mirror. Made from solid brass, this iconic design provides a fabulous focal point for any room.

Why shop for Scandi mirrors with Vinterior?

Our Scandi mirrors not only look great, they fulfil a vital light boosting purpose within the home. Reflecting natural and artificial light with powerful results, your choice of Scandi mirror can make a huge difference to just how light, bright and open your finished Nordic space will feel. Shop our range of vintage Scandi mirrors now.