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The Scandinavian style is a celebrated interior design trend. But when we talk about stunning wood furniture and clean minimalism, we often overlook the impact that lighting can have. Ask any Scandinavian who is used to spending several months of the year with little or no natural light and they will tell you that paying attention to illumination is something that is integral to the overall design ethos. From powerful ceiling lights to delicate table lamps and wall sconces, you will find plenty of Scandi lighting solutions here at Vinterior. Discover more about the fantastic retro and vintage Scandi lighting options by shopping our range today.

Why choose Scandi lighting?

Scandinavian lighting can be loosely described as elegant, inviting but above all simple and impactful. From pendant lights and floor lamps to wall sconces and table lamps, our Scandi lighting range is particularly extensive, meaning you can discover lighting solutions to accommodate all kinds of interior space. Whether you want to add a couple of milk glass wall lights with teak backboards to a room that is already heavily influenced by Scandi style, or you simply want to add a Danish aluminium pendant light to add a tough of personality to a neutral and otherwise contemporary space, there is great flexibility in these designs.

Incorporating Scandi lighting into your home

With the sheer variety of vintage Scandi lighting designs accessible, you can find the right light fixture for your scheme. Many of the Scandinavian lighting options found here at Vinterior use natural textiles and materials to provide form and function that really works and connects your space to the great outdoors. Going au natural is a great way to incorporate further texture into your Scandi space, take our fabric and wood lighting options as an example.

Those looking to add a wow factor to their otherwise understated Nordic space will also discover the statement lighting they’ve been searching for. Among our listings you may find our 1970s Vitrika lighting set. Consisting of a pendant light and wall lamps, this lighting design offers a stunning and sturdy vintage wonder made from the iconic Danish brand’s characteristic glass and brass combination. Like many of the vintage Scandi lighting designs we provide, these beautiful pieces are distinctive but not overwhelming in a room.

Why shop for Scandi lighting with Vinterior?

Whether you want to go back to basics with your lighting courtesy of a nature inspired Scandi design, embrace a statement look with a copper or brass adorned fitting, or incorporate more contemporary concrete and metallic finishes, our Scandi lighting options bring together the very best of the Scandinavian interior design aesthetic. At Vinterior, you get to choose from an array of lighting options to ensure you find a fitting that complements your exact theme to a tee.

We have partnered with over 1,000 independent boutiques, furniture sellers and dealers to ensure you have the lighting, furniture and accessories to harness the Scandinavian look in your own home. Whether you want to go for one or two statement pieces to update your space or a complete overhaul, the quality, craftsmanship and creativity provided by our Scandi lighting ensures your space can deliver on all fronts.

Discover simplicity and style that oozes Nordic appeal by shopping our Scandi lighting range.