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When most people think of Scandinavian or Scandi furniture, a certain popular flat-pack furniture store often comes to mind. Scandinavian design has a long and vibrant history, however, one that ranges as far back as the early 19th century. Needless to say, as a nation we’ve fallen in love with Scandinavian design trends and their fresh and fluid aesthetics. Vintage Scandi furniture is a beautiful thing indeed. A far cry from its flat pack foe, these retro furniture pieces are built to last, displaying a quality and robustness that you won’t find in newly manufactured pieces. Our vintage Scandi furniture range is particularly extensive, and is brimming with the retro inspired ideas that can elevate your interior design to new heights. Shop our exciting range of Scandi furniture today to find the functional and unforgettable designs you’ve been searching for.

Why choose Scandi furniture?

Contrary to popular belief, Scandinavian design trends go way beyond the minimalist look. The most beautiful Scandinavian homes bring the outside in to create schemes that are not only modern, simple and sleek but connected to the natural world. As a result, many of the vintage Scandi furniture pieces you’ll find here at Vinterior work with materials like wood, fabric and concrete to provide a texture-rich, touchable finish that delivers on so many levels.

Providing a stunning contrast between old and new is what the timeless Scandi theme is all about. The furniture pieces that bring those white washed walls and that simple flooring to life exude practicality, functionality, comfort and character. The Scandi furniture pieces that we supply thanks to the countless independent boutiques, furniture sellers and dealers we work with ensure that relaxed yet stylish vibe. It is a look that can be mixed and matched with contemporary and vintage lighting and accessories.

Want to create a fresh Scandinavian interior design scheme in your home? This look is so versatile it can be embraced in any room of the house. Neutral greys teamed with dark wood tones are the perfect match for modern day living rooms for example. For those looking to bring this particular design into their own living area, our mid-century vintage Scandi furniture collection brings an array of stunningly simple and robust armchair designs to the forefront. Among our listings you may find our 1960s Bunny armchairs. This pair of armchairs, designed by Professor Józef Marian Chierowski, uses waxed beech wood and upholstery to create a truly standout look.

If you want to add a welcoming feel to your eating area so that you can entertain guests in relaxed, chic comfort, why not consider a textured and distressed dining set with simple grey wooden table and chair legs topped with an ash or worn oak top. These look great in back to basics open plan kitchen diners. The Scandi look works wonders in the bedroom too with the plush and textured soft furnishings – think faux fur and wool – that Scandinavian designs are always finished with providing the comfort and relaxation that every self-respecting boudoir should make possible.

Our vintage Scandi furniture range features everything you need to overhaul your look and welcome in an idyllic Northern European lifestyle, including chairs, tables, cabinets, sideboards, mirrors, bookshelves, dining sets, desks and even wine racks.

Whatever room you are looking to bring the Scandinavian style to, our Scandi furniture provides the inspired pieces you need to get the look within your home. Shop the collection today.