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It seems we all want to enjoy the laid back living that Nordic schemes promise, and with the right colour schemes, furniture and accessories you can rework your entire living space rather easily and cost effectively. There are some elements of the Scandi scheme however that are more important than others. The use of light for instance is one thing that shouldn’t be underestimated in Nordic inspired spaces. Maximising the sense of light and space is vital in Scandi style rooms, particularly those on the smaller side. The correct use of light means the natural textures, warmth and subtle pops of colour can be highlighted in the most magnificent way possible. While working with the daylight you have available is vital, using artificial light fittings is a must. Here at Vinterior, we supply countless lighting options for your perusal, with our Scandi floor lamps bestsellers. Shop our Scandi floor lamps now for the lighting inspiration you need.

Why choose Scandi floor lamps?

With Nordic regions deprived of light for around six months of every year, it’s safe to say that the Scandinavians know a thing or two about creating light and airy interiors. Our vintage Scandi floor lamps are available in a number of designs as a result and can be placed to bring light to even the darkest of corners within your own home.

Our Scandi floor lamps work to complement your Nordic décor no end. Creating a poignant and utterly stylish focal point all on their own and highlighting other beautiful design elements that you want to draw attention to within the room. With our vintage Scandi floor lamps, your lighting can be practical and fashionable to lift your décor and deliver sufficient light for the completion of everyday activities.

Incorporating Scandi floor lamps into your home

To incorporate a floor lamp into your home successfully there are several points that you must consider. Once you’ve found a complementary style that you love, such as the Scandinavian design, you must then find the height of floor lamp that works for you and your space. Many of our Scandi floor lamps are adjustable, but measuring the height of your room (from ceiling to floor) will ensure you find a lighting option that’s not too short or too tall.

There are also many shade styles to consider. Your choice of Scandi floor lamp shade should not only complement the lamp’s stem and base but successfully diffuse and disperse light from the bulb within. Along with the bulb, the shade you choose can impact how successfully your floor lamp is used so consider your options, altering your selection if you require a vintage Scandi floor lamp for everyday use or more focused lighting.

Why shop for Scandi floor lamps with Vinterior?

Find the Scandi floor lamps that work for your space thanks to our partnerships with the UK’s best independent boutiques and furniture sellers. As well as helping you enjoy a lighter, brighter space, our Scandi floor lamps ensure you nail the Nordic look in your home. Some designs even create a focal point all on their own. Among our listings you may find our 1960s floor lamps by Carl Fagerlund for Orrefors. These rare glass Scandi floor lamps add an utterly mesmerising touch to otherwise understated Nordic spaces.

For a huge choice of statement and stylishly understated Scandi floor lamps, look no further than Vinterior. Shop our collection now.