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When it comes to adding a touch of style to any room of the house, your home office may be the last space on your transformation radar. Office design and space planning are both extremely important, particularly if you want to create a high performance work environment for your studies or business operations. The best performing study spaces and home offices use clever design elements that put organisation and productivity high on the agenda. Check out our Scandi desks for the very best on the vintage, antique and retro market.

Why choose Scandi desks?

As an interior design trend known and loved for its simplicity and functionality, the Scandinavian style is a great one to go for when decorating home office spaces. For those looking to cement the Scandinavian design further within their homes, the furniture you choose will make a huge difference.

Our vintage Scandi desks offer all you need to furnish your Nordic inspired home office to perfection. With most of Scandi desks made from the best natural hardwood – you’ll find our desk designs in teak, rosewood and mahogany to name just a few varieties – your investment in a stunning piece of Scandinavian furniture is sure to be worth it.

It’s not just the Scandinavian look that can be encapsulated by purchasing a Scandi desk for your home. Vintage Scandi desks often come with an abundance of storage space for all your home office bits and bobs, providing the practicality needed to keep clutter to a minimum not just in your study but throughout your home. The slim, high leg design also makes these desks a popular choice for home offices, libraries and studies that are on the smaller side. Delivering that illusion of space even when space is restricted.

Incorporating Scandi desks into your home

The Scandi desks we supply are so versatile that incorporating them into your home is super easy. Their use of hardwood means Scandi desks look great whatever your chosen design scheme, whether you are staying true to the Scandinavian style with a white washed colour palette or adding a vivid pop of colour.

Some vintage Scandi desks have slimmer profiles giving you the means to incorporate them into other rooms of your home to unlock truly multi-functional spaces. If you don’t have a dedicated study or home office, for example, you may need a desk that looks at home in a living room or even a bedroom. If this is the case, a Scandinavian style desk is a fantastic option because the designs tend to be versatile enough to complement a range of décor options, yet arresting enough to make it clear that your desk is a space for work and a spot to get away from the chaos of family life.

Among our listings for example you may find the Nanna Ditzel rosewood desk. Hailing from the 1950s, this particular mid-century find has a hugely versatile design that looks great as a desk, dressing table or sideboard in any room.

Why shop for Scandi desks with Vinterior?

Our Scandi desks are statement pieces in their own rights, adding elegance, interest and texture to simply decorated spaces. Like many of the Scandi furniture pieces we provide courtesy of the independent boutiques, sellers and dealers we work with, our vintage Scandi desks offer timeless design and focal points in any room, including your home office, study or library.

Ready to shop our Scandi desks? Browse our extensive collection today.

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