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The Scandinavian style is a beautiful thing, and has been embraced by countless homes in various room types and sizes with fantastic results since its explosion onto the interior design scene. It has been almost 70 years since we first witnessed the Scandi style that we know today, although the history of the trend goes back much further to the early 19th century. Despite its age, its popularity shows no sign of slowing. Even in the face of more cutting edge, modern interior design movements, the Scandinavian style stands firm, with its use around the modern day home unlocking a number of benefits for the people within. Browse our collection of vintage scandi bookcases now for inspiration.

Why choose Scandi bookcases?

One of the many advantages of Scandinavian design is that products and items of furniture have a clear emphasis on functionality as well as the aesthetic. Each room in every home, whether it’s a bachelor pad or family hub, has to fulfil its purpose. Without this, properties can easily become chaotic places to live. A home’s storage capacity can make or break its functionality, and an item of furniture that makes super storage solutions possible should be prized in every household. Our Scandi bookcases unlock excellent storage capabilities.

Whatever level of clutter you have to clear, having a well-defined area for its storage and organisation matters. The Scandinavian design as a whole is known for its functional roots. As well as celebrating simplicity and a connection with the outdoors, its appeal is heightened by the useful storage opportunities it creates. Unlike with many interior design schemes, where you have to choose between having a great looking room and a practical space, there’s no such compromise with Nordic inspired designs. Our scandi bookcases offer style and substance to add storage to any space without weighing it down. The vintage scandi bookcases we supply are so visually appealing that they offer desirable focal points for any room, not just study spaces and home offices.

Shop for Scandi bookcases with Vinterior

Our scandi bookcases look great in living rooms, dining areas, open plan kitchens and bedrooms, meaning you can discover stylish storage for every room of your home. The vast majority of the vintage Scandi bookcases we showcase in our collection use solid wood and straight lines to ensure seamless integration into any interior space. Unrivalled quality also comes as standard when buying a vintage scandi furniture piece from us to ensure a stable and long lasting addition to your home. We provide Scandi bookcases for spaces of all shapes and sizes with more compact designs still delivering excellent storage options without taking up too much room within your home.

Most of the Scandi bookcases featured by our independent boutiques, sellers and dealers feature the high leg design that is famed by the mid-century Scandinavian look. Take a vintage Scandi bookcase by Poul Hundevad as an example. Veneered in the most stunning rosewood, the bookcase’s high leg design instantly creates the feeling of space whilst providing the storage needed to minimise clutter in the rest of the home. This particular design also comes with a lockable library for storing your most prized possessions and adjustable shelves for the display of more awkwardly shaped items.

Browse our collection of vintage scandi bookcases today and discover the practicality and beauty you need to do your Scandinavian scheme justice.

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