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The bedside table is one of those underrated pieces of furniture that has a role to play in generating the perfect bedroom look, no matter how big or small your space. Offering essential storage for all your knick-knacks, these days bedside tables deliver more of a style statement than ever before to help you consolidate interior design schemes to the very last detail. If you are looking to breathe fresh life into your bedroom – be it a minimalist, shabby chic or industrial look you wish to achieve – why not consider an antique or vintage Scandi bedside table? Search our collection here at Vinterior today and get inspired.

Why choose vintage Scandi bedside tables?

The Scandinavian (Scandi) style is a popular interior design choice for bedrooms not just across the country but around the world. The trend is no new thing however, with Scandinavian design principles first established in the early 19th century and popularised during the mid-century. And while there are many pieces of bedroom furniture on the high street that imitate Scandi style today, there’s nothing quite the same as incorporating true heritage Scandinavian furniture into your room.

Given how important it is to make your bedroom a true sanctuary, it never pays to cut corners and go for a cheap and cheerful option when you could discover a vintage gem right here at Vinterior.

Scandi bedside tables: getting the look

Unnecessary embellishment doesn’t tend to feature much in classic Scandinavian designs. A fact that means furniture pieces, like your choice of Scandi bedside tables, are left to do the talking. Alongside your Scandinavian inspired bed frame and wardrobe, your bedside table design can provide the tactile, textural and trend-worthy addition that your Nordic inspired bedroom needs.

As well as promoting a uniquely timeless appearance, your Scandi bedside tables will deliver the practicality every bedroom space needs to be a functional and comforting place to unwind. Our vintage Scandi bedside tables provide generous drawer and shelving space to store all of life’s little belongings.

Unlike many of the newly manufactured bedside tables you see on the high street, our vintage Scandi bedside tables deliver the quality to ensure you’re investing in a furniture addition that stands the test of time. Typically made from solid woods such as teak, pine, oak and rosewood, these pieces are crafted rather than simply churned out on a modern production line using engineered wood.

Incorporating Scandi bedside tables into your home

Finding the right Scandi bedside tables for your home is a matter of defining the look you wish to achieve. Whether you are using your bedside tables to inspire or consolidate your Scandinavian theme, you should be clear on the style, size and specification of bedside table you want to go for.

If you love the mid-century style, look out for a vintage teak bedside table with clean lines and simple sophistication. Slender legs and narrow drawers are a common feature of this style. However, if you want a shabby chic or industrial look, why not opt for an upcycled set of tables that feature distressed paintwork.

Why shop for Scandi bedside tables with Vinterior?

Quality, craftsmanship, character and charm. These are just some of the qualities you can expect from the vintage Scandi bedside tables listed on our online marketplace. Thanks to our network of independent boutiques, sellers and furniture dealers we can supply a bevy of beautiful Scandi inspired creations direct to you, meaning you don’t have to budge from your sofa or desk to find the furnishings you need. Shop our exciting Scandi bedside table designs now.

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