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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Scaffold Board Tables

One of the most distinctive and unique pieces of furniture that we feature here at Vinterior is the scaffold board table. If you haven’t heard of scaffold board furniture before than you should know that it’s exactly as you would imagine – furniture made from the boards and planks used to line scaffolding. While this may seem like an odd choice of wood to use in the likes of tables, browse our listings and you will be amazed at the stunning results. Explore our scaffold board tables now.

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The features of scaffold board tables

Scaffold boarding in the UK is made from European whitewood, a requirement that is essential for workers and construction businesses to comply with British safety standards. For that reason, many authentic scaffold board tables are made from European whitewoods.

The wood is usually left in its original state to retain the rugged and industrial aesthetic. While the scaffold board may be sanded and oiled or stained, it is rarely painted for use on tables. In most cases, the table legs are made from a metal – and to continue the recyclability theme they can even be metal from the scaffolding itself.

Some tables – especially scaffold board coffee tables – can have a secondary surface below the top surface. This is also made from the scaffold board wood and gives extra storage. Others may come with a bench that is attached to the metal legs and this bench will also be made of wood from the scaffolding boards.

You can find scaffold board tables made for offices, dining rooms, kitchen and even your living area. While there are undoubtedly signs of wear and marks from their previous life, this only adds to their character and charm. Such details will be fully available within the piece’s respective listing.

Buying scaffold board tables

Scaffold board tables are an excellent choice if you are looking to bring a bold and edgy industrial theme into your home. As a characterful kitchen table, these pieces work wonderfully well and promise to be as durable as any purpose-built table. This is because the wood used in scaffolding is incredibly strong and robust, so no amount of plates and glasses is going to compromise the integrity of the wood.

Like any rustic, shabby chic or industrial item, part of the charm of scaffold board tables lies in its approachable nature. By this we mean that a battered and characterful board table welcomes you to sit on it and simply have fun – something that you might not get if you sit at a high gloss walnut dining table that you would be scared to scratch or mark.

A rugged, raw and unrefined table is designed for high use areas and it rewards the whole family by encouraging play and regular interaction.

It is worth noting that scaffold board tables (whether a dining table, side table or living room coffee table) are also kinder pieces for the environment than newly manufactured engineered wood tables. By repurposing existing planks of wood you are helping to take a more sustainable approach to interior design – a step that should not be underestimated.

These scaffold board tables are truly unique pieces of furniture. Unlike other tables that seem to find a place in every other home, your scaffold board table will not be a common find. Guests will be intrigued and interested in it, where you got it and what’s its story. You can show off your distinctive table and enjoy it each day knowing it’s a unique item.

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If the features and benefits of a scaffold board table have made you consider one of these eye-catching items, explore the listings here at Vinterior today.

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