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Rustic is the furniture style which has that extra bit of character; is that bit rougher around the edges. If you want to apply that country feel to your space, then you have come to the right place. Drawers, cabinets, sideboards, seating, tables and more, there are many pieces of furniture that lend themselves to this look. Whether you want something a bit more ornate and decorative or something that is functional and utilitarian there is something for you here. Explore our online catalogue and imagine these great items in your home. A bit of rustic in the right place can really add something special and give your space a bit more of a wow factor.

Bringing rustic furniture into your home

In its simplest terms rustic furniture showcases the charm and character of furniture in a raw and unrefined state. Most commonly we associate the word “rustic” with a country or farmhouse aesthetic, filled with roughly sanded woods, rugged features and a focus on what is homely and durable rather than preened and polished.

Over the years, rustic has also crossed over with other trends like the industrial aesthetic and shabby chic style. Creating the look can involve distressed paintwork or varnish and rough edges. However, the reason why it appeals is because of that simple attraction. Something which isn’t quite perfect often fits well in most people’s homes because it feels more real; more lived-in.

Vintage Rustic Style Furniture at Vinterior

The pieces we have available here, certainly tick those boxes. On the homelier side of things, we have some lovely sideboards and side tables with distressed paintwork that have that instantly recognisable vintage feel. This furniture is often reliable and sturdy and also ready to use. No need to worry about a little wear and tear because that is already part of the appeal. One very popular purchase, particularly for cafes and tea rooms if you are setting up a business are coloured dining chairs. These are often in warm and welcoming pastel colours. There will also be other assorted items amongst this including rustic plant pots and hangers which can add extra personality to your décor.

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Rustic furniture also includes more industrial pieces such as cabinets, drawer units and even a Wine rack. These can look stunning in the right environment with the uncompromising iron framework being the key component. These are often great for storage but also give off a sense of space because of their sparse design. There are also unique, one-off pieces that you simply won’t find anywhere else such as wooden chest of drawers which have an abstract hand painted design and could be a feature piece in your room.

Rustic furniture: the joy of buying vintage

Some of the best vintage furniture has that rustic feel where it has either been used and loved before or at least has been made to look like it. These pieces aren’t necessarily antiques or premium items, although some will be, but they nonetheless have a history and are ideal if you are crafting a vintage interior.

Many of these items have been upcycled, where someone has taken an original item and repainted or edited the exterior to give it a new lease of life. Because of this there really isn’t anything stopping you from further upcycling in the future and really making this piece your own. Having said that, you could also take inspiration from the pieces on display here and give it a go yourself.

If you have arrived on this page, you are probably looking for something to add that special rustic touch to your home. We have a wide selection of furniture that is always changing so have a good look and see if you find your new favourite piece. Alternatively, just enjoy looking through – you may gain some inspiration for changing your whole décor.