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The rustic charm certainly isn’t lost on us. We supply a wide range of rustic furniture, lighting and accessories to bring rustic interior design schemes to life in the most authentic way possible. The rustic style after all isn’t going away; rather it seems to be part of the fabric of British design. The bedroom is one room where the rustic trend works on so many levels. As a room that’s synonymous with sleep, comfort and relaxation, rustic themes help the bedroom fulfil these primary objectives in a very stylish way. In addition to being a space to sleep and unwind in, the bedroom must deliver the storage needed to house the everyday items, belongings and keepsakes that accumulate so simply. That’s why your bedroom furniture has to not only look the part but also provide ample storage. Those in the market for a rustic chest of drawers won’t be disappointed by our extensive range. Shop now for style, substance and storage that’s made for your rustic space.

Why choose a rustic chest of drawers

With the introduction of “hygge”, the rustic Scandinavian trend that has become popular in recent years, many people are now looking at how they can incorporate more organic materials and natural textures into their bedroom environment. If you want to make your sleep space warm, cosy and welcoming, carefully selecting a few pieces of furniture is part and parcel of the process. And while a bed is undoubtedly the centrepiece of your bedroom, it is the storage units that perhaps make the difference between an average room and an incredible one. After all, a chest of drawers will not be covered up in the way that your bed will.

From handsome, rugged chunky items that add a traditional element to rustic schemes to pieces that are a little more industrial in flavour, you will find many different options here at Vinterior. Our listings are positively brimming with rustic charm and character, featuring hand painted items that really do tell a story, a tale that’ll be continued within your home when buying from us.

Among our listings you’re certain to find a number of antique pieces. Like our vintage and reclaimed drawers, our rustic antiques deliver on quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness. Our haberdashery inspired pieces crop up every now and again, giving lucky buyers the chance to grab a stunningly finished collector’s item – if you are fast enough! You may have noticed the mini haberdashery rustic chest of drawers. Complete with Bakelite handles and label holders, this solid rustic piece is a beautiful and authentic option for those looking for storage and style.

Since opening our virtual doors, we have forged partnerships with independent boutiques, sellers and dealers across the country. Our rustic furniture range is growing rapidly as a result, giving you plenty of inspiration and ideas to get the look in your home. Buying vintage isn’t a choice that everyone makes. There are, however, many benefits to opting for something old, rather than something new. With brilliant backstories, genuine character, and a one-of-a-kind design, our vintage, antique and reclaimed chests of drawers are here to make your rustic interior pop with that feel good, all-natural appeal.

Ready to celebrate the perfect imperfection of our range of rustic drawers? Shop for your rustic chest of drawers today right here at Vinterior.