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One of the most sought-after styles of the 18th century, Rococo art and furniture remains very popular today. Elegant and sophisticated, Rococo represents the very best of ornate and decorative design, with a variety of furniture and accessories available. Rococo mirrors are particularly striking, and they’re a match made in heaven. The natural elegance and beauty of mirrors pairs beautifully with the Rococo theme, creating a home decor accessory which is difficult to resist. Here at Vinterior you’ll find we’ve got a selection of Rococo mirrors, as well as other furniture in the same style. Take a look at our online catalogue today for inspiration of how you could transform your home with Rococo mirrors and other accessories.

Beginner’s guide to Rococo

Rococo is a style that most people have heard of, even if they’re not sure exactly what it is. Very famous, and with good reason, Rococo was at its peak from 1730 to approximately 1770. It’s an ornate and decorative style and later influenced French art and design, which dominated between 1830-1880, one century later.

Unlike many other styles, Rococo was all about furniture and accessories rather than architecture. Its name comes from the word “rocaille”, which is the reference for the broken shell or rock motifs which are found on the majority of Rococo pieces.

Every Rococo mirror – and other piece of furniture – was painstakingly made, requiring the skill of talented craftsmen. A truly artisan style, each item of Rococo has motifs and decorations which have all been individually designed and created by hand.

Some of the most common decorations you’ll find in Rococo include the acanthus leaf, frilly rocaille and curved scrolls, either in an S or C shape. What’s striking about these design elements is that they are highly stylised and often fantastical in nature. Rococo eschewed realism and natural-looking elements in favour of more impressive decoration. Rococo pieces are typically not symmetrical, allowing the imagination of the designer to run free.

Some of the biggest names from the period include Thomas Johnson, Paul de Lamerie and Hubert Gravelot and Rococo items often reference one of these styles.

Using Rococo mirrors in your home

Rococo is a wonderfully ornate style that works well in a decorative setting. More modern retro styles such as Scandinavian or Danish modern typically don’t complement Rococo; this classic style looks best alongside a more intricate and grand decor.

The most obvious place for a Rococo mirror is in the bedroom as it has the romantic appearance which is perfect for a feminine boudoir. Whether it’s placed on a dressing table, or atop a chest of drawers, Rococo style mirrors can add a touch of glamour and drama to a bedroom. However, Rococo can also work well in other areas of the home.

If you have a large bathroom, Rococo looks beautiful paired with a clawfoot bath-tub. Downstairs, a large wall-hung Rococo mirror can be magnificent hung over an antique fireplace, accenting other antique decor. In the dining room, a mirror can act as a focal point to pull the design together; a Rococo mirror and an antique dresser would look wonderful in a traditional room.

However you choose to use your Rococo mirror, you’ll find it’s a style that draws compliments and has many admirers due to the intricate detail and exquisite workmanship which is clearly visible to all.

Find your Rococo mirror at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we are big fans of the Rococo style and have some great mirrors and other items you’re sure to love. Explore our online marketplace to find the perfect Rococo piece for your home.