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The Rococo style was one which dominated fashion in the 18th century but its beauty and elegance has meant that it’s still highly sought after today. Sometimes referred to as late Baroque, Rococo furniture developed as a natural evolution of earlier styles, and was influenced by the then-ruling king of France – Louis XV. The exquisite craftsmanship and ornate style has ensured that Rococo has stood the test of time, with many pieces of modern furniture using it as inspiration. At Vinterior we love Rococo furniture and accessories and have got a great collection in our online catalogue. Browse through our marketplace today to see how you could transform your own home!

Rococo chairs

Chairs and sofas are a major part of home decor and during the Rococo era it was no different. Softer and more intimate than true Baroque, Rococo chairs were comfortable and inviting. Fluid, curving lines are the trademark silhouette of Rococo. Look out, too, for deep upholstering paired with cabriole legs, accented by elaborate motifs of organic and natural scenes. Rococo chairs were typically made out of woods such as walnut, rosewood and mahogany and were sometimes gilded, too. Rococo chairs can be used throughout the home, but their romantic design means they also work particularly well in the corner of larger bedrooms.

Rococo beds

Rococo is the ideal era for bedroom furniture, with its natural inclination towards graceful designs. Romantic and elegant, Rococo beds are striking with an ornate appearance that looks beautiful as a centrepiece or matched with other Rococo bedroom furniture.

There was a certain freedom to Rococo designs which weren’t usually symmetrical, instead allowing the designer the ability to carve and create decorations which flowed together fluidly. Detailing such as vines, flowers and the all-important shell were often carved into the wood, making Rococo beds a real statement piece.

Rococo mirrors

In any home, accessories are a vital component to the overal design of a room, helping to pull the decor together. If you are looking to introduce a bit of Rococo glamour, your first port of call should be to check out our collection of stunning mirrors from the period. The exuberant styling of Rococo produces lavish mirrors which complement a sophisticated decor. The detailed scrolls, carving and gilded design produce statement mirrors which can be used as a focal point for any room.

Available in circular, rectangular and oval shapes, Rococo mirrors are highly decorated and offer an elegant contribution to your home.

Choosing Rococo style furniture

Rococo mirrors, chairs and beds are just some of the Rococo furniture and accessories available here at Vinterior. This has produced a great range of furniture which has a variety of influences from early Baroque right through to Neoclassicism and Greco-Roman themes. Rococo is the natural choice for a feminine boudoir, creating a delicate and romantic style. However, Rococo is not confined to the bedroom and the range of furniture can be used throughout the home from the living room right through to the bathroom, and beyond.

If you are looking for some inspiration as to how to introduce Rococo design into your home, look no further than our online catalogue here at Vinterior. Thanks to our national network of sellers, there is nowhere better to find the antique furniture you are looking for.