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Rococo was a hugely popular style during the 17th and 18th century with its ornate and intimate designs and beautiful craftsmanship. Sometimes known as late Baroque, the Rococo period was an interesting and innovative period that was eventually superseded by Neoclassicism. Rococo furniture looks wonderful all around the home but the bedroom is where this style really excels. Naturally romantic and elegant, Rococo beds are a sight to behold. Whether used alone as a single statement piece or alongside other similar furniture, Rococo beds are nothing short of captivating. Here at Vinterior we’ve been swept away by the Baroque beauty of Rococo and we’ve got a great range in our online store. Browse through our catalogue to get inspiration for your own Baroque bedroom transformation.

Identifying the Rococo style

Many decor styles overlap and take inspiration from each other, and for Rococo this meant borrowing elements of Greco-Roman design plus a little bit of Egyptian influence too. This melting pot of styles produced the exuberant and flamboyant Rococo which came to the fore during the reign of Louis XV.

Similar in style to the Baroque furniture which preceded it, Rococo had more elements of fun with a real sense of freedom. It’s for these reasons that the extravagant designs worked so well in the bedroom. Rococo beds were anything but modest and featured deeply carved wood with fantastical motifs and an abundance of swirls, vines and leaves. The workmanship on Rococo was sublime and this contributed to the romantic appearance of the ornate beds.

Creating a Rococo bedroom

The romance of Rococo is perfect for a feminine boudoir and works well with other styles such as shabby chic. A Rococo bed is a statement piece and the focal point of the room, but it can be beautifully complemented by other bedroom furniture, too.

The most ornate of all the Rococo beds, Alexander Roux was one of the most famous designers during this period, designing some of the most ornate beds of the Rococo era. Four-poster beds are a dream come true for many, and coupled with the intricate Rococo detailing, it makes a truly stunning centrepiece for the bedroom.

Dressing tables also work well in the Rococo design and if you have a bedroom that’s large enough to accommodate one, it pairs perfectly with the bed. Other options for Rococo furniture in the bedroom include bedside cabinets, wardrobes and chest of drawers. All of these pieces show off the creativity of Rococo to its fullest and celebrate the beauty of the design.

If you only have a smaller space in your bedroom, a Rococo bed can be used to great effect on its own. Position it centrally and make it a real focal point and your bedroom will instantly look sophisticated and elegant. You can partner a Rococo bed with accessories if you want to accentuate the feminine feel; mirrors work extremely well for this. You don’t need a lot of space to include a Rococo mirror whether you choose to hang it on the wall or opt for a free-standing design.

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Here at Vinterior we adore the romance of the Rococo era and we’ve got a great range of beds in this style. Browse through our online catalogue to discover Rococo beds and accessories and get inspired to update your own boudoir.