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It’s hard to imagine many things more homely than the rocking chair. Conjuring up the smell of freshly-baked bread, family and cosy evenings spent in front of the fire, rocking chairs are a much-loved and traditional piece of furniture. Many rocking chairs to be found today are vintage or antiques, crafted flawlessly and built to last. Beautiful, comforting and practical, we can’t see rocking chairs going out of style any time soon. At Vinterior we love rocking chairs, too, and you’ll find a fascinating collection of different styles when you explore our online marketplace. Browse our listings and take a look at some of the stunning examples of rocking chairs featured by our trusted sellers around the UK.

Choosing rocking chairs

Sitting demurely in the corner of the kitchen, in front of the TV or in the conservatory, rocking chairs have a fond place in the heart of most. However, you may not know that there’s an enormous number of different styles of rocking chair. This means that whatever room you’re furnishing, you could find a rocking chair style at Vinterior that suits your space.

With such a huge choice it can be tough to know where to start so here’s a quick run through of the different styles of rocking chair you might find:Bentwood style

Bentwood rocking chairs are one of the highest quality you’ll find, originally made in the mid-19th century in Vienna, Austria by the Thonet Brothers. Gently curving the softest beechwood, the end result was nothing short of extraordinary. Quite an exuberant style with large rockers and arms made from one continuous piece, this style has been copied since by many rocking chair makers around the world.

Windsor rocking chairs

As well as gracing parlours in wealthy circles, rocking chairs were also put to great use on porches and verandas. This is where the Windsor rocking chair originated, found in affluent country homes in the 1700s. This style of rocking chair became extremely popular during the early part of the 20th century, with many homes featuring one.

Windsor chairs are distinguishable by their slotted legs that fit into the rocker itself and with straight spindles that line the armrests and back.

Upholstered rockers

Many rockers were made from plain wood, wicker or other materials but during the Victorian era, upholstered designs found favour. Designed especially for use in parlours, the upholstered version was created using only the most luxurious fabrics.

You might see this style also referred to as Lincoln rockers because this is the type of chair that Abraham Lincoln was seated in the night he was assassinated.

Mission rockers

Not all types of upholstered rockers were opulent and lavish, as the mission rocker aptly demonstrated. Despite being upholstered for comfort and style, it was devoid of any carvings or ornate finishing, instead being left plain and simple. Often featuring leather upholstery, too, the mission rocker is sophisticated and offers a more masculine design.

Gungstol rockers

Often referred to as Scandinavian rockers, this unique design originated from Sweden in the 18th century. With three spokes supporting the rocker on each side, it was a unique style that was especially designed to rock as hard as you liked without fear of tipping over.

Rocking chairs: find your style at Vinterior

If you are ready to explore the comforting world of the rocking chair, you have come to the right place. With a wide range of designs available from our trusted sellers, why not browse our listings today.