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A quality wardrobe will likely be the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom and needs to fit with the overall theme of your room. It also needs to provide a compact storage solution for your clothes, keeping them protected from dust and moths. Overall, a quality wardrobe should be elegant, make good use of space and offer a practical place to store your clothes and other accessories. We all need somewhere to keep our clothes, but there’s no need to buy a bland, modern mass-produced wardrobes that bring nothing to the room. At Vinterior, you can find a wealth of beautiful retro, vintage and one-off upcycled wardrobes to bring a little life to even the simplest bedroom.

Retro wardrobes: choosing your style

‘Retro’ refers to a wide range of different styles, motifs and themes. Generally, we refer to products in a style that is outdated but that has a comeback and becomes popular again. The sense of nostalgia and character from past fashions means that retro pieces are an eternally popular choice for those who love their interior look to tell a story.

While it doesn’t refer to a specific period in history, retro pieces are generally considered to be those from or inspired by the mid-20th century onwards.

One retro style which continues to be as relevant today as the period in which it was first designed is mid-century minimalism. With fewer materials available in post-war Europe and a movement towards clean and simple designs to ease the complications of a continent in turmoil, Danish modern and other Scandinavian-influenced styles began to dominate the decorative arts scene.

Typical Danish modern looks include fresh, clean and functional designs with an unmatchable durability as well. A classic Danish modern style wardrobe is typically a double-doored item built from quality hardwoods such as teak, rosewood and oak. Minimalist features complete the look of the classic mid-Century wardrobe including simple straight handles and plenty of quality storage space for shoes or accessories.

Retro wardrobes: what is the appeal?

Shopping for retro pieces is a joy in itself. Rediscover classic pieces that take you back to your childhood and get nostalgic about styles that you haven’t seen for years. Find hidden treasures and one-off gems that can really bring an interior look together. Add an authentic mid-century wardrobe to a modern bedroom to bring a sense of history and character without moving away from the minimalist theme. Why be like everyone else when you can inject your own personality and unique taste into your home? Create sophisticated focal points and conversation-starters that bring a whole room together in moments. Find the perfect retro wardrobe for your space at Vinterior.

Shop for retro wardrobes with Vinterior

Choosing to buy retro furniture is an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to interior design. As an alternative to getting the latest furniture fad, choosing pre-loved items helps to reduce the dependence on modern manufacturing, which uses up valuable natural resources. So, you can enjoy packing your home with quality pieces as well as knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet.

Find a wide range of beautiful vintage and retro wardrobes, as well as other charming bedroom storage pieces. Choose Vinterior today and begin your journey to creating the perfect home. After all, as the UK’s leading online marketplace for heritage furniture there is nowhere better to search for that valuable retro piece.