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Art is such a vital part of a house’s décor and yet it can often be a difficult decision to make. Getting the right piece of art to match a wall or arriving on something which is going to last and stand the test of time means putting some thought into what you get. It also helps if you have plenty of choice! Fortunately, here at Vinterior we have a hugely impressive collection of vintage retro wall art. It ranges from antique murals and authentic oil paintings to vintage movie posters and abstract artwork. There really is something for everyone here. Take some time to browse our listings and you are sure to find a wonderful piece to catch your eye.

Why choose retro wall art?

Our collection of retro wall art is eye-catching and varied. It really depends on what kind of person you are and what kind of space you have as to what art you choose. Maybe you want a more traditional vibe with traditional oil paintings. We’ve got a lot of those, whether that’s portraits or impressionist scenery or still life. There are a variety of artists featured here on our online marketplace and quite a lot which have unknown creators, adding to their intrigue and appeal.

You may also be intrigued by our assortment of pull-down school charts and pieces from around the world. These will add an interesting touch to the room, especially if you are going for an overall vintage aesthetic or educational atmosphere. You will also find a cool and trendy range of movie posters for sale. For those of you who are movie-lovers these great and in some cases iconic designs are ideal. The prices vary massively as there are some truly sought-after premium items here.

There are also some retro images and photos reproduced in quality prints. If vintage really is your thing and you want to create a distinctive and alternative theme in a room of your home then one of these would be ideal, whether it is an image of a squashed tube of toothpaste or a roadster parked outside an American motel.

As well as paintings, posters and prints we also have more physical pieces that can be used to decorate your space. There is a wide range of large lettering as well as old metal signs which can put up anywhere to add a rustic feel. There is also adhesive woodwork and large eye-catching wallpaper.

Retro wall art: making your home individual

Whether you are a big fan of art and want to show a bit of your personality at home, or you simply feel the need to add a touch of style to spaces in your home that are feeling a little too “normal”, there’s nowhere better to find a huge array of retro wall art and vintage furniture than here at Vinterior.

With more than a thousand trusted sellers represented on our marketplace, you can be confident that you will find the perfect work for your home among our many thousands of product listings.

Whatever the vision for your space, we can guarantee there is most likely something here that will suit your tastes. Have a browse and find inspiration for your next interiors project.