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The TV often takes pride of place in the living room and as such deserves to rest upon something eye-catching. There’s nothing worse than a flimsy, boring TV stand that draws your attention for all the wrong reasons. The retro TV stands we have here at Vinterior each have their own unique style. Many have been restored to their former glories while still maintaining the character and aesthetic appeal that made them popular in the first place. Feel free to browse our catalogue of furniture, which includes information relating to each of these gorgeous stands and cabinets meaning you can really get a feel before you buy.

Why choose a retro TV stand?

Many of these stands and cabinets are hugely versatile and have a number of potential uses. Not only are they perfect for supporting the weight of a TV but many have space and cupboards below for storing all the relevant hardware, as well as the obligatory DVD collection.

This vintage item of furniture is perfect for mixing and matching the old and the new. Some of the retro TV stands here at Vinterior will suit the addition of modern tech more than others but many of these cabinets mean you can hide away machinery away, hidden behind the aesthetically pleasing craftsmanship of your stylish furniture. With the resurgence of Vinyl LPs comes the need for storage and many of our stands with cupboard space are perfect for storing your record collection. Some even work as attractive and useful coffee tables.

There are a number of woods used in the manufacture of retro TV stands. Many are made from teak or rosewood and have excellent structural soundness as well as being good to look at. We have a mixture of restored and upcycled pieces that have likely seen varying levels of use but are all looking for a new home.

Upcycling, Recycling and More

We are big fans of upcycling at Vinterior. And nowhere is this practice more popular than in the renovation and re-imagining of TV stands and cabinets. Many of the finest examples of retro furniture are relatively easy to give a new lease of life – as you will see when you explore the collection.

This has multiple benefits; it saves a perfectly good, well designed piece of furniture from being discarded or thrown into landfill. It also enables you to add a fresh and engaging sense of character to your living room – or even your bedroom if you have a TV in it. There are some great examples here of upcycled and restored pieces of furniture that have that iconic design you are looking for.

Of course, many of the retro TV stands featured on our website still look as fresh and new as they did the day they were first purchased. Whether you choose to use your TV stand in a modern room or you prefer to generate a coherent retro vibe, selecting a piece from our listings is sure to impress any guest who sets foot in your home.

If a retro theme is your preference, take a look at the collection of sideboards and coffee tables featured at Vinterior.

Choose retro for a look that’s easy on the eye

In most households around the country, millions of us gaze at the TV on a daily basis. So, if you were thinking about perching your widescreen on a cheap and cheerful flat-pack TV stand, perhaps it’s worth giving a little more thought to your decision. After all, investing in a TV stand that adds to the aesthetic of your room can bring you hours of joy each and every day.

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