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It’s unlikely that any home can be complete without table lamps. Practical, portable and ideal for adding that optimum low level lighting to a room, illuminating work or reading at eye level, finding great table lamps is an essential part of bringing an interior look together. However you choose to decorate your space, perhaps you feel like you’re missing those finishing touches? Retro table lamps are one the best and most cost-effective ways to inject your unique personality and style into your living space, and can be easily moved around and customised for use in every room in the house. Retro style is well and truly in, and with so many beautiful upcycled and vintage pieces available to browse at Vinterior, why not get inspired today and grab a piece of the retro action?

Add character to your home with retro table lamps

You need your table lamps to be functional, but that doesn’t mean they have to be dull. Retro table lamps bring your own individuality and a sense of playfulness, nostalgia and unique character to any kind of interior space. Whether you’re looking to insert some nostalgia into a minimalist modern apartment, or offset authentic vintage pieces with a splash of kitsch and colour, a stylish table lamp could be the cherry on top of the cake for your living space.

There are many different types of retro table lamp to choose from, so make sure you have some idea of the style and era you’re looking for. Also, be sure to choose a lamp that is right for the amount of space you have, and the size and type of table you will be standing the lamp on. Consider the type of table lamp you need. For instance, are you looking for a bedside lamp to read by, an office lamp to illuminate your work papers, or a hall lamp that will be placed at eye level?

Retro table lamps come from multiple points in time: from the earthy colours and materials of the 70s, to the sleek futuristic looks of the 80s, to the bold shapes and bright colours of the 90s – each period has its own era-defining look. You can also find upcycled items, where retro pieces have been modernised, or where contemporary furniture has been given a retro edge to create a versatile hybrid that looks great, no matter what interior style you’re going for.

Get creative with your space and discover beautiful and quirky retro table lamps at Vinterior today.

Shop for retro table lamps with Vinterior

At Vinterior, we believe that everyone should be able to create the interior space they’ve always wanted. The environments in which we live and work dictate our moods and allow us to express our individuality. Get creative and feel inspired by filling your home with pieces that mean something to you, and that reflect your own unique life story.

Rather than opting for generic furniture that you’ll see in all your friends’ homes, why not discover a hidden gem, or a one-off treasure at Vinterior? Find pieces that are as stylish as they are functional, and fill your home with snapshots from the pages of history.

Whether you’re buying restored antiques or kitsch upcycled pieces, each and every item sold at Vinterior tells its own story, and brings a sense of character and history to your home. Get inspired by our vast collection of retro table lamps and other furniture today at Vinterior.