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The sofa bed is a timeless and invaluable resource for any household. The sofa bed is a fantastic solution for those entertaining guests, whether it is your kids having friends round for impromptu sleepovers or a relation from abroad looking for a place to stay for the short-term. Sofa beds have been around for decades and have evolved through a variety of designs. If you are looking for your furniture to do more than just serve its purpose, why not browse our online marketplace for a retro sofa bed that marries great design with a rich history.

Choosing a retro sofa bed

It’s like magic really. With a couple of twists and turns, your functional but attractive sofa turns into a bed ready for a good night’s sleep. But while we are all familiar with what a sofa bed offers from a practical perspective, all too many of them are built with little or no consideration for their aesthetic appeal. Something we think is rather strange, given the size of a sofa bed even when folded away.

You are certainly not alone if you are looking to add a comfortable seating solution to a family room or study that also has the potential to turn that space into a guest bedroom. Yet you won’t want to sacrifice your interior design ambitions to get it. So, choosing a retro sofa bed could be just the answer you are looking for.

Retro sofa beds are the perfect addition to spare rooms or studies that are otherwise quite neutral. Many of these stunning pieces of furniture come in bright and plush upholstery – from vivid reds to deep blues, with distinctive design aspects depending on the precise era and style that has influenced them. A vintage retro Guy Rogers Manhattan teak sofa bed is a great example of this, as is a 1960s Danish sofa bed, which you might look out for in greys, greens or even aquamarines.

The mid-century Scandinavian influence is particularly on-trend currently, while more Avant Garde styles may help you to take a more individual approach. The minimalist and utilitarian design from designer Dieter Wackerlin is another wonderful example of a stylish retro sofa bed, and it promises a good night sleep to boot.

There are also some leather designs in a similar mid-century style. These not only look stunning but are doubly useful. The de Sede Chaise lounge design is striking and innovative. Making for a comfortable night’s sleep and a statement piece in your living area this will make a great purchase.

Retro sofa beds: why buy vintage?

Buying retro is a fantastic choice if you want quality and style. Many sofa beds made these days just simply cannot match the style and character of pieces made in the mid 20th century. Browse the high street and search flat-pack options and you will find too many pieces that are both average at being a sofa and average at being a bed. Many of the lasting and eye-catching designs you will find on our website have served their previous owners well and promise to provide you with both comfort and aesthetic appeal for many years to come. Many of our sellers have re-uphostered these retro sofa beds in bold colours to ensure that the wear and tear of the past does not impact on the product’s comfort in the future.

Retro sofa beds: shop with Vinterior

Feel free to peruse our online marketplace and discover what a retro sofa bed can do for your home. While our sofa beds come in all shapes and sizes, each one promises to prevent your room from becoming boring and just like everyone else’s.