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Many of us spend a great deal of our time working at home in our office or study. Whether we’re working on our computers, sorting through papers, writing, or doing crafts, a great office setup begins with a great desk and, most importantly, the perfect chair to go with it. Retro office chairs are a fantastic option for those seeking quality seating with a touch of character as well. When we use the term ‘retro’, we are typically referring to pieces from the relatively recent past. These items have experienced a revival, and continue to be recognised for their quality and ability to transport you to different periods in history. Add comfort and flair as well as nostalgia and functionality to your home office or commercial space by browsing the collection of retro office chairs at Vinterior.

Incorporate retro office chairs into your space

‘Retro’ does not refer to a specific period in history: rather, it is a term that has gained a broader meaning since the 1970s, and now also indicates both an original item from the recent past or a contemporary item that is consciously emulating outdated themes, motifs and artistic ideals that are no longer the norm.

A retro office chair is a great way to bring a touch of nostalgic character, or a sense of humour and personality to either a contemporary or classic room.

There are lots of different styles of retro office chair to choose from when looking to freshen up your home study or place of work. A classic high-backed leather chair adds a taste of 1970s kitsch to your workspace, and provides a comfortable seat for you to get all your work done.

Choose a brightly coloured retro 80s swivel chair to bring a playful nostalgia to your office, or discover a contemporary chair upholstered in retro-inspired fabrics to balance modern functionality with a retro twist. Whatever style of retro chair you choose for your work space, you’re bound to find a piece that will inspire and conjure up fond memories at Vinterior.

Reasons to shop retro

Retro shopping is more involving and exciting than shopping for generic products you find on every high street in the country. For one thing, you never know what treasures you’re going to unearth. Find unique and one-off retro pieces that tell a story and bring a sense of history and personality to your home. Find yourself getting excited and remembering old times by browsing through a collection of vintage pieces from your childhood, and recreate your favourite looks from the pages of history, adapted for the 21st century lifestyle.

When combined with both classic and contemporary interior looks, retro pieces have the ability to offset simple objects with a touch of playfulness, and add a touch of the unique to a generic interior look.

Shop for retro office chairs with Vinterior

Create the perfect office space – either at home or in a commercial setting – that makes you feel relaxed, focused and ready to work by injecting a little retro comfort and charm. Find authentic and reproduction office chairs, as well as modern items upcycled with retro fabrics and materials at Vinterior – the best place to find a comprehensive selection of quality retro furniture. With more than a thousand trusted sellers from around the country there is nowhere better to find the furniture you love.