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So you’ve got your lamp set up in the corner of the room, giving you that all-important light. But the shade doesn’t fit the bill. It could be that there isn’t one at all, it’s broken or maybe it’s just not that attractive. A change is in order and you want to give yourself the greatest chance of finding a shade that will provide you with style and character. To complete the retro and vintage aesthetic of your room, a new lamp shade might be the finishing touch. Go big, go bold or go for a simple but effective accompaniment: it depends on your personal taste. Whatever you would like to see atop your lamp, find an incredible selection of retro lamp shades right here at Vinterior.

Choosing retro lamp shades

A lamp shade is a funny creation when you think about it. The whole design of the shade itself is to partially reverse the effect of the lamp itself. A lamp shade is primarily there to take the worst of the glare from the light bulb and provide you with a softer, more comfortable lighting solution. And yet the role of the lamp shade really doesn’t need to end there.

Retro lamp shades can play an important role in adding style and colour to a room. In the 1960s and 70s, this concept was embraced like never before and a huge array of bright and impactful lamp shades could be found atop lamps in living rooms, hallways, home offices and bedrooms, among others.

Take, for example, the funky orange Danish designs of the 1970s, which can be found featured here at Vinterior. Another option to consider is the art-heavy Lampenschirm designs which has bold, colourful patterns on the outside. When the light is on behind them, it makes for a bright and joyous colouring of your living space.

Retro lamp shades can be found in a number of different materials, too. Whether it is an enamel industrial shade on a chain in black, a reclaimed metal bar ceiling light shade painted in green, or a simple red plastic shade for a pendent light, there’s plenty to choose from. Glass and fabric shades can also be found in a range of different finishes, including tie dyed materials for a truly quirky and eye-catching finish.

Retro lamp shades for your home

You know what you are looking for when it comes to your own personal tastes and sensibilities and if that involves a little touch of retro style then buying vintage is the best way to go. Not only do original shades from decades gone by look great, they also add a sense of charm and character to your home that simply cannot be replicated by a modern imitation.

Whether you are looking to add a simple lamp to your hallway or you need a shade for a ceiling light in your living room, putting that little extra thought and consideration you’re your furniture can make all the difference.

Don’t shy away from the shade. Buy an original retro lamp shade today and it will transform the way your home looks for years to come. While there are plenty of cheap and cheerful options available on the high street, such a visible furnishing always warrants that extra touch of quality, we think.

Have a browse through our online marketplace now and find the perfect retro lamp shade for your décor.