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The retro style is increasing in popularity across homes, bars and cafes. Retro pieces of furniture can add a unique and characterful aura with even a touch of nostalgia for some. One sought-after item is a retro kitchen table. A kitchen table can be the focal point of any kitchen and these tables are worthy of the attention they’ll receive from your houseguests. Finding a stunning retro kitchen table hasn’t always been easy but thanks to our online marketplace here at Vinterior, you can have access to a nationwide network of sellers all featuring listings of beautiful heritage and unique products. To see some of their retro items, start browsing through our listings. But be warned, they won’t stay unsold for long!

Features of a retro kitchen table

Retro tables may come in all shapes and sizes, made from a range of different materials. Whether you choose from Danish teak, Italian walnut or an English oak, there are many stunning examples of retro tables from the last few decades. You may also find that some of the listings here at Vinterior come from unlikely places such as industrial settings, school classrooms, farmhouses and other fun and interesting backgrounds.

Typically pieces from the 1950s and early 1960s followed the slender, subtle and pared back trend that dominated the mid-century modernist movement. However, in the latter part of the 1960s and into the 1970s, many of the dining tables from brands such as G Plan or Ercol become somewhat chunkier.

Although you might think that older items of furniture are not as versatile as those flat-pack items of the modern day, you would be wrong. Many of the retro tables we feature come with drop leaf elements or are function as extending tables – perfect for those times when you want to move your kitchen table out of its usual space and extend it to accommodate a larger number of guests.

As these items have, in most cases, had previous ownership and use, you can expect signs of age. Some tables may have marks, scratches, sun damage or other minor faults. Our dealers will always tell you about the condition of their retro kitchen tables.

Show your style with a retro kitchen table

Purchase a beautiful retro kitchen table and when guests come around for your next dinner party, they will likely ask questions about where you found it and where it came from. These tables can really set your interior apart from the standardised mass-produced interiors often seen elsewhere.

Choosing a retro item, especially large items such as kitchen tables predominantly made of wood, can be beneficial to the environment. How you ask? If you choose and older kitchen table, you give it a new lease of life instead of being disposed of or sent to the landfill. Simultaneously, you reduce your contribution to the production of new products – which uses up precious natural resources.

Shop for retro kitchen tables with Vinterior

If the sound of a retro kitchen table has you dreaming up a new kitchen, start browsing our listings today. There are plenty to choose from. If a retro kitchen table isn’t what you are looking for, there are plenty of other pieces to explore. Find your inspiration today.