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We all have to eat, but a retro dining set is much more than simply a set of table and chairs. Create a beautiful space where guests, friends and family can convene to share a meal, have wonderful conversations and make memories. As well as this, a quality dining set is the main focal point in a dining area, and can help pull the look of a dining room or kitchen-dining area together. For comfort and elegance in one, find a fantastic range of retro dining sets at Vinterior today. Whether you want upholstered chairs from the mid-century, or a 90s-themed indoor bench and table combo, at Vinterior you’ll find premium retro dining setups to suit the theme of your home and work practically with your lifestyle. Browse the collection of retro dining sets and get inspired.

Retro dining set ideas

When searching for the perfect retro dining set for your space, you first need to consider what your main requirements are. Do you need a compact dining set for a small space, or a sprawling six-chair and table set for dinner parties and other occasions in a dedicated dining room? What style of seating and table are you looking for? Do you want a casual dining setup for low key socialising, or a more formal setup for a traditional dining experience? Once you’ve given these factors some consideration, you’re ready to start browsing for the perfect retro dining set for your home.

If you love retro minimalism, why not opt for a genuine mid-century Danish modern set of chairs, crafted from polished hardwood and upholstered in high quality fabrics and leather, and matching varnished table crafted from traditional Danish oiled teak. These timeless pieces are notable for their distinct elegance and minimalist design that has since become synonymous with Scandi style furniture. Fresh and clean, these designs are as fitting for today’s contemporary homes as they were during their inception in the 50s and 60s. Add a touch of retro to your dining space without appearing outdated with an authentic Danish Modern dining set.

If you love sleek industrial materials such as chrome, highly lacquered wood and glass, Art Deco dining sets are the perfect option for you. Born between the two World Wars, Art Deco style is as hot today as ever, and has its own brand of minimalist shapes with rich geometric decoration, Hollywood-inspired glamour and a mixture of shabby-chic and heavily treated industrial materials. Find quirky cocktail chairs and dining tables inspired by the Art Deco movement.

Or maybe you love the futuristic shapes and bold colours of the 80s and 90s? Find kitsch breakfast sets for your kitchen, dining area or conservatory by searching for retro pieces from and inspired by this period.

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Shopping for retro home items is a journey of discovery and excitement. Add pieces to your home that none of your friends will have, and insert a touch of your own unique taste and personality into your interior decor. After all, your home needs to represent you and not someone else.

With more than a thousand trusted sellers across the country all featured on our website, there’s nowhere better to find a large and varied range of heritage and artisan items of furniture. Explore retro dining sets and more at Vinterior today.