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Retro desk chairs

Sometimes, in order to look ahead, we need to look to the past for inspiration. This is true in pretty much every aspect of life, but nowhere more so than interior design. Of course, seating is one of the most important considerations when it comes to sprucing up your home’s interior look, but taking inspiration from past pieces and movements can really inspire you to make some bold decisions.

Retro seating is as fresh, fun and free today as it was during its initial period, with added historical prowess that adds character and story. By investing in a vintage retro desk chair for your study space, you’re sure to feel as inspired as you are comfortable while you work away. Take a look at the extensive collection of retro desk chairs available right here at Vinterior.

Why choose a vintage retro desk chair?

There’s an undeniable appeal to retro furniture that keeps us coming back for more. These are items of furniture that are closely associated with a particular style or period in design, often more recent than those considered antique or historical. In some cases, retro furniture simply takes inspiration from a design movement without actually originating from that age.

Retro is all about rediscovering and rethinking the trends and fashions of the past and bringing them back into the forefront of people’s minds, often with a new contemporary twist. For many people, the mid-century era from the 1950s to the 1970s marks the quintessential period of retro furniture, such as the Pop Art movement, cubism and the American diner style. These movements are all tied together by a clear identity and an unrivalled sense of fun.

Retro Style Desk Chair Designs

And this is very much present in the retro desk chair designs available right here at Vinterior. Throughout the 20th century, chair designs moved from more ornate pieces to colourful designs that feel both fun and luxurious.

What to look for in a retro desk chair

There are endless options available when it comes to retro desk chairs, meaning there is something for every setting. Designs from leading brands like Johannes Anderson, Illum Wikkelso and of course Ikea celebrate all that the mid-century school of furniture design has to offer, including strong silhouettes, clean lines and carefully bent woods.

There are also designs available with a more abstract air, featuring bolder shades and more whimsical design elements. Woods like oak and metals like aluminium ensure that designs are as durable and diverse as they are dynamic.

Introducing a retro desk chair into your home

Like the retro style itself, retro desk chairs come in a huge range of styles. You can pair a more abstract design with metallic ornaments and décor atop a more modern desk for a really fresh vibe in your study, or choose a wooden retro desk chair and allow it to stand out amongst more traditional pieces.

Desk chairs are also a great way to complement a bedroom dressing table or to simply create an attractive reading nook in your living space. The possibilities are endless!

We love new and upcycled retro desk chairs too!

Here at Vinterior we are the home for high-quality, unique furniture with its own story to tell. Every piece in our extensive collection has its own individual character, meaning there is something for every home. You’ll find vintage, antique, artisan and even new and upcycled furniture here, including stunning vintage, new and upcycled retro desk chairs.

By shopping at Vinterior, you can enjoy the knowledge that no other home features the same piece as yours. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring our collection today.