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Small but perfectly formed, a coffee table is an important part of any living room. Offering convenience and practicality, the style also pulls together the rest of the decor. Retro style has never been hotter than it is right now, with a great range of vintage furniture and accessories available. A kinder choice that helps to protect the planet’s resources by recycling existing furniture, the vintage look is also incredibly unique and distinctive. Forget about rocking up to your neighbour and noticing you’ve got exactly the same coffee table; with retro your home will always be individual. Here at Vinterior we love to see the different ways retro coffee tables and other vintage furniture can be used in the modern home. From polished and sophisticated to quirky and eclectic, we’ve got every style you can think of in our online marketplace.

Retro coffee tables: size it up

Although coffee tables are functional, their overall appearance is just as important. You’ll find a variety of styles within the retro theme so you can pick the coffee table that suits your room. Before you start browsing the range here at Vinterior, make sure you know exactly how much room you have available.

If there isn’t much space you’ll need a retro coffee table that is more compact. As a general rule, tables with straight edges such as squares or rectangles are more space efficient and they will fit better in a smaller room. To maximise the amount of table space while minimising the footprint, plump for a nest of tables. This provides the option to extend the surface area when needed while tucking away neatly when not in use.

If you’ve got a large empty area for your coffee table, you can afford to choose a circular or oval design. This can help to break up the floor space and make bigger rooms appear more inviting and cosy.

Retro coffee tables: choose your era

Retro coffee tables, like other types of vintage furniture don’t come from one fixed point in time. Spanning many decades retro style has cycled through a variety of different phases, each of which offered its own distinct appeal. If you are a fan of bold prints and highly contrasted colours, the 1970s could be the type of retro vibe for you. Funky and fun, this is a style that likes to be the centre of attention.

For a more subtle look that utilises pastel colours and clean Scandinavian-style lines, the 1950s might be your era. Light-coloured wood and flowing lines were commonly seen along with a more organic approach to design. Nothing illustrates this better than the infamous boomerang shaped coffee table!

The Swinging 60s is an era which is often remembered fondly but it was a period of transition for decor. This means there’s a variety of styles you could adopt from the 1960s. For coffee tables, look for designs made from a combination of wood, metal and glass. Clean, structural lines can be found from Danish modern designers while for those seeking funky fashion, there’s moulded plastic and space age shapes.

Shop for retro coffee tables with Vinterior

Whatever period you pick, there’s an array of stunning retro coffee tables in all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes so you’re sure to fine one to suit your home. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a collection of retro coffee tables; take a look on our online marketplace and find your perfect match.