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In order to look ahead, we need to learn from the lessons of the past. This is true in almost any aspect of life, including interior design. Choosing the right seating for your home can feel like a mammoth task with lots of pressure attached to it, but taking inspiration from past designs can really awaken your creative spirit. Retro seating is as fun, fresh and free today as it was at the time of its creation, but with added historical gravitas which has provided it with plenty of unique character and charm. Browse an extensive collection of retro chairs here at Vinterior and get inspired.

Why choose retro chairs?

Retro furniture has an undeniable appeal. These are pieces associated with particular styles and periods, often more recent than those deemed ‘vintage’ or ‘antique’.

Retro is all about using trends and fashions from the past and bringing them back into the forefront of people’s minds, often with a new modern twist. For many people, the term “retro” era is synonymous with the fun and bohemian flair of the 1960s and 1970s. The Pop Art movement and the classic American diner style of the 1950s are examples of other eras which are often labelled as ‘retro’. What binds these eras together is a sense of playfulness and inventiveness.

This is certainly the case when it comes to retro seating. Throughout the 20th century, chair design evolved dramatically from more austere and ornate pieces to colourful designs with an accessible feeling of luxury.

Introducing retro chairs into your home?

Like the retro style itself, retro chairs come in many different forms. It can mean a sleek mid-century teak design from a designer like G Plan, or an armchair with fun colourfully patterned upholstery that instantly draws the eye. It could mean a typical 1960s leather tub chair, or a set of vinyl stackable dining chairs from the same era. This is a collection which truly covers all bases, from the outlandish to the simple; from the elegant to the unique.

This means that you have a lot of scope for creativity when introducing retro seating into your home. A brightly upholstered armchair can really add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral living room or reading nook, while a set of wooden dining chairs inspired by quirky Polish design can bring an elevated sense of intrigue to a dining room or open plan kitchen. You can also consider retro desk chairs, stools, sofas and occasional chairs for your home, each with their own unique style to enjoy.

Retro chairs: why shop with Vinterior?

With thousands of unique retro pieces to discover – as well as tens of thousands of pieces from other styles and eras – Vinterior is your one-stop shop for heritage and artisan furniture. We are a marketplace with a difference, allowing you to explore endless premium furniture items all in one place and from the comfort of your own home. Working with trusted sellers from across the length and breadth of the UK, there’s nowhere better to discover that perfect item of furniture to elevate your home from good to great.

As well as retro, vintage and antique furniture, Vinterior is also home to a wide range of contemporary furniture pieces. So whatever style you prefer, you’re sure to get inspired by the Vinterior collection.