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Deciding how you intend to decorate the walls in a room of your home is a big decision. After all, you will have to live with the end product for years. Whether you want to be bold or subtle, contrast or match, the wallpaper you pick will have a big influence on the overall impact. If you are looking for a true retro vibe in your home there’s nothing quite like a well-chosen wallpaper to make a room sing. If you’re aiming for the era of disco, then retro 70s wallpaper is just what you need. Here at Vinterior we’ve got an incredible range of wallpaper to suit whatever style of decor you have. Retro, vintage, heritage and antique – you are sure to find wallpaper, accessories and furniture that you love in our online marketplace.

Getting the 70s vibe

Although the 70s weren’t officially known as the decade of flower power, the floral themes from the 60s were still a prevalent design. In essence, the 70s was a decade of self-expression and this was characterised by bold and bright colours as people articulated themselves through design.

This meant that many of the colours that were in vogue were somewhat stronger than you might see in a more contemporary home. Orange, purple, green, turquoise, yellow and brown were all used liberally and in combination with each other. This palette of hues might sound like a nightmare explosion of colour but in reality, it was used intelligently and accented with white to break it up. This allowed colour to be used creatively without overloading the eye.

The white furniture and decor accents were particularly popular as they incorporated the space age look which was on-trend. Here at Vinterior you’ll find a selection of space age inspired furniture that works perfectly in any 70s style room.

If white furniture doesn’t appeal to you, the monochrome look was another hot style for the decade. Decorating in black and white while adding coloured accents such as cushions, curtains and wallpaper is a subtler way of embracing the same 70s fashions.

Choosing your retro 70s wallpaper

The wallpaper you ultimately choose for your 70s style home needs to work in conjunction with your furniture, as it’s easy to accidentally pick two colours that clash. However, 70s furniture was often about block colouring rather than bold patterns so that provides the ideal opportunity to use a wallpaper that makes a statement.

There were various themes which were particularly popular in the 70s such as mushrooms, flowers and psychedelic geometric shapes. There was also a trend towards earthiness and embracing nature. If you prefer a more natural, softer look but still love the spirit of the 70s you could opt for this style instead of the bold block colours. Choose browns and greens, perhaps warmed by yellow, but in more understated designs. This can be accented by cork wallpaper, a very 70s style of decor which isn’t really seen in contemporary designs. Simple to apply as you don’t need to worry about matching up patterns, cork wallpaper adds a calming vibe to any home decor.

Find your retro 70s wallpaper at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we love the 70s and you’ll find an enormous range of furniture and accessories to choose from, including wallpaper. With an online marketplace which is full of quality designs, courtesy of a national network of more than 1000 sellers, you’ll have the chance to be as creative as you want.

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