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Animal hides are making a comeback on the interior design scene. These accessories are after all style statements, adding a luxurious and textural accent that instantly adds comfort and character to all schemes. The Nordic look in particular, a trend built on neutral colours, all natural finishes and organic elements, has been defined by the use of one animal hide in particular – the reindeer rug. Our reindeer rugs embody Scandi chic providing the plush yet rustic edge that this ever-popular interior design trend is admired for. Shop the look now by browsing our premium quality reindeer rugs for yourself, and add the warmth and luxury your interior deserves.

Why choose reindeer rugs?

There are many reasons why reindeer rugs are the go-to animal hide for interior design enthusiasts. As well as looking great from season to season, the reindeer rug is practical and versatile, taking to life in any room of the home. The natural colour of most reindeer rugs makes them excellent accent pieces, which when treated with care are excellent investments, not just decorative items. Reindeer hides are specially treated by skilled tanners to make them waterproof, a fact that makes them durable additions to any part of the home, both inside and out.

The reindeer hides used to make these rugs are also highly sustainable, with the majority natural by-products of the Scandinavian meat trade, not sourced from herds farmed for just their fur. Soft, smooth and sustainable, our reindeer rugs are unlikely heroes on the modern day interior design accessory scene, adding a warm and welcoming touch to any room they’re used in.

Incorporating reindeer rugs into your home

Rustic schemes look brilliant and even more authentic thanks to the addition of one of our stunning reindeer rugs. More minimalist Scandi schemes can be complemented too with the cosy and comforting look and feel of a reindeer hide. In fact, any scheme or room can benefit from the luxury and warmth offered by this particular type of animal hide.

In the bedroom, our reindeer hides can be used as bedspreads or rugs. In the living room, reindeer hides can add a touch of glamour to a favourite armchair when used as throws. Elsewhere in the home, these durable and truly stunning reindeer rugs can be used to decorate any floor. Although high traffic areas are best avoided to safeguard the rug’s condition. Our reindeer rugs can even be used as wall art to create a Scandinavian or ski chalet style interior. These gorgeous rugs can be called upon to transform any room in the home into a luxurious haven of calm.

Our reindeer rugs can even be used outdoors thanks to their durability and water resistance. Patio sets, chairs and benches are all made extra inviting and cosy, even during those cooler mid-summer nights.

Why shop for reindeer rugs with Vinterior?

When shopping for a reindeer rug for your home, ensuring quality and sustainability is key. At Vinterior, we take great pride in the quality of the furniture and accessories that we provide. Our reindeer rugs are no different. Among our listings you’ll discover many sustainably sourced, eco-friendly reindeer rugs. You may for instance find our huge natural eco reindeer rug, a stunning product with a traceable backstory. This particular reindeer hide has been harvested and salted in the EU certified Sami villages.

Explore our extensive collection of stunning reindeer rugs for yourself and find the Nordic inspired accessories you need to transform your home.

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