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When it comes to sprucing up your interior design, shelving probably isn’t the first piece of furniture that springs to mind. However, we should never write shelving off as a purely practical room addition because – as well as being a handy tool for storage and display – the right shelving can also act as a stunning design element in its own right. The trick is to uncover decorative shelving with its own flair, personality and charm to offer, and that’s exactly what you get with shelving from the Regency period. Discover a whole world of magnificent and decorative regency shelving right here at Vinterior, and get inspired by our stunning collection today.

Why choose regency shelving?

The Regency era of design revolutionised furniture creation in the early 1800s. Unlike earlier periods in history – which looked mainly to Roman and Greek designs for inspiration – the Regency period saw designers take inspiration from museums, vaults and artworks, as well as recently discovered Egyptian artefacts. This resulted in a wealth a stunningly decorative pieces, featuring elements such as thematic motifs, sphinxes, lions, griffins and even ancient gods. Inspiration from China and Japan saw materials like bamboo gain prominence too, alongside the popular use of solid woods and gilded decorations.

All of these elements came together to create pieces with plenty of ornamentation and elegance. The decorative flourishes of Regency furniture were paired with rich carvings, curved lines and slender legs for an undeniably graceful form.

The elements are present in the designs of shelving from the Regency period, which possess many of the flourishes and decorations which still cause people to fall in love with the style today. By celebrating the decorative side of furniture, the Regency period helped quell the assumption that items like shelving were a purely practical addition to a room. As well as offering you the chance to display attractive ornaments and accessories, Regency shelving acts as a statement piece of design in and of itself.

Introducing regency shelving into your home

Shelving is a useful addition to any room. Even the smallest space can benefit from the shelving, as it provides vital storage without taking up floorspace. From books and photographs to ornaments and potted plants, shelving provides an opportunity to inject a room with a little more personality, making it feel more like your space.

Consider Regency shelving in the dining room for a sumptuous, space-saving solution for storing plates or decorative pieces. They can also be included in the living room or bedroom as a useful alternative to a bulky bookcase. Likewise, the hallway – which is often a slimmer space – can use shelving as a means to decorate the space without making it feel cramped. Wherever you choose to place your Regency shelves, they are sure to add a stunning decorative flair to the space.

Why shop for Regency shelving at Vinterior?

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